Happy Halloween from your favorite funky chicken

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We hope you have a spook-tacular day!

-Fran, Pat, and Greta



hands down cutest baby costume i've ever seen. and i'm critical... ! happy first halloween


Greta is too cute, the funkiest little chicken I've ever seen!! Baby's first Haloween was a blast. Here is a shot of Shelby the Ladybug.


I think Baby Gap is looking for this child. :)


WOW, I just laughed my ass off...that is TOO CUTE and amazingly funny...especially the striped leggings! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!


SO CUTE!!! ;)


Ok, my friends have the cutest children ever! I guess I have to post a pic of my own little pumpkin:-)
Happy Halloween everyone...


OMG! So cute!
Here is our little catepillar...he does not appear as content at your chicken, though!


Wow! She looks not-so-scary and really cute! Hope you all have plenty of Halloween smiles! I just had one myself!


she's so long! i can't get over it. i guess i really haven't seen her in quite awhile. your kid is CUTE AS A BUTTON!


Re: Amy

She does have enormously long legs...although I think the camera makes them a tad longer. All of her pants that are her actual size look like capris on her, though. : )

Re: Kirsten

Makes you think twice about having chicken for dinner tonight, eh? hehe


but is she trans fat free?

very cute :)


does she have enormously long legs or is that part of the costume?


You really just dont get any cuter than Greta!


HAHAH! I love it!


That is the cutest trick or treater I have ever seen.




That is hilarious. Can't wait to see her this weekend!