I'm getting old in my dumb age

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So far, 30 has not been going tremendeously well. I can't seem to do anything right. In the last 24 hours, I got a cold; I was accused (jokingly) of trying to steal milk from Wegmans; I cut my thumb with a knife; I spilled hot soup on my lap and couch; and I've just been generally confused, clumsy, and annoyed. Is this what I should come to expect from life after 30? Please tell me it's not. Boo hiss.




Well Fran. Now it's time to get honest...Only 30+ more years till you can retire. Seriously turning 30 is not so bad. Happy 30th to you, and to another 30+ more...


Happy Belated (2 Days) Birthday Fran! Hope the rest of the weekend was fabulously fun for you!

If it makes you feel better, i cant wait to be 30 cuz being 29 has pretty much sucked! Talk to you soon!


Happy B-day extendo weekend. Relax and enjoy, I miss you!


It turned into a happy birthday, indeed. Going for a happy birthday weekend, which is just how I roll.


Happy, happy birthday~


Happy Birthday! Hope your day improved after the rocky start and wound up being just plain enjoyable! Have been thinking of you all day! Hope you enjoy many more birthdays and good times.


Happy Hapy Birthday, and yes, also expect your brain not to work as precisely or quickly as it used to. But I'm sure that watching little Greta grow is worth the trouble. = )


Happy Birthday, Fran!

I swear, the 30s get better. :)

And anyway, I don't blame you for stealing milk...a lady of a certain age needs calcium, dangit. Wouldn't want to break a hip!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRAN! Can't believe we're already 30...




Happy Birthday Fran!!


Happy 30th Birthday Fran!
We hope the day has gotten better, and that you have a great remainder of your day!

Court, Andrew and Benjamin


hehe, thanks all. The day is shaping up better now...let's hope George (below) was right!


bummer fran! i can't say that in my case it is a result of turning 30. i have always been quite clumsy...in fact, just this past week i stood up from the chair in my office, tripped over a binder that was on the floor and was spread eagle. nice huh?! luckily, no one saw me.
what i can say is this, it just takes a few more days to have the ol' muscles stop hurting than it did in your 20's. but that is why we have advil. if i were there i would wrap some up as your b'day gift!


happy birthday lady!


Happy #30 Fran!!!! I hope the rest of your day goes well...we're thinking of you down here in Maryland, love Holly, Mike & Elise


Happy birthday Fran! Think of it this way: you're just getting all your bad luck out of the way with early.


Happy 30th Fran! Hope your day gets better.