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Hello my friends :)


Jeez, it isn't raining much here in Seattle!


I was going to post the same thing!



65+ and sunny every day, holla!

(Greta's adorable btw :) )


Ha, you all crack me up. Doc Thang, thanks for the Pollyanna view on our crappy weather.


although i miss all my friends like crazy (including bigtime some p & f), it is a report like this that makes me l*o*v*e the fact that it is still 80 and sunny here. i am wearing (oh, greta will like this) my rl short sleave polo, jeans and sandles today...with no coat! and it is oct 24th!!! sorry...but you are welcome to visit ANYTIME!


Thursday looks nice.


Even here in the "Upper South" we are having gloom and cold. But the difference is we'll have freeze, thaw; freeze, thaw; freeze, thaw, so that our roads can break up and plants get confused and bloom at the craziest times. Is consistently bad weather better than the roller coaster??? Who's to say. Oops! Is that the sun?? Might warm us up to 38! Yikes! I can cut the grass! Where's my sunblock??


Amber - Thanks for classin' up our site with some poetry. : ) PS - I knew you'd have something to say about this post! Hehe.


Oh Rochester, how do I miss thee, let me count the ways...I first miss thy skies of gray which last for months spanning 6 in number, second, I mss thy snow which continues to fall from the sky even if the clouds do not shed it -snow will come from the lakes, even so, thirdly, I miss thy streets of ice which cause innocent vehicles to skate acrodd the smooth surface into nearby obstacles...Oh Rochester, how do I miss thee


We got 4 inches of snow a week ago, and today was the first day that got warm enough to make it go away...the whole move from FL to CO thing is really setting in, even though we moved 7 months ago...