Greta's Bringing CutesyBack (Yeah)

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The weekend of weddings is quickly approaching, and I figured if I didn't update tonight, you wouldn't be hearing from us (me) for a while. There isn't too much going on this week. Mostly the usual.

One thing that kind of dawned on me today is that my 30th is quickly approaching. I have been worried that I'll get freaked out by turning 30, and, just today, I realized that I'm not freaking out. I started getting concerned that the 30 thing is going to hit me like a ton of bricks and that I might really really freak out. Worrying about the fact that I wasn't worried yet made me feel worried. That's normal for me, though.

Anyway, I think that having a kid changed things more than any milestone birthday could. Strange things happen now. Like, I feel the urge to go to Denny's for dinner. That never would have happened before I became a mom. I'm not about to go out and buy mom jeans, but there's a certain amount of change involved in being a mom - at good one at least. No, being a good mom doesn't involve going to Denny's, but it's all relative. Anyway, my point is that turning 30, after the changes I've gone through in the last 7 months, seem pretty anticlimactic. Also, going to Mex (my old home away from home) a couple weekends ago and seeing the nonsense that takes place there on a Saturday night, made me want to become a gold member with Netflix (if there is such a thing) and cuddle up under a blanket with Pat, Greta, Maynard, and Ruby. So there. 30, come get me.

I still don't know what I'm doing for my birthday. The fact that I haven't made a decision yet pretty much means that there won't be any big plans, by default. The thought of going to a bar seems unfavorable (bars are dumb and they require I find someone to watch Greta) and the thought of cleaning my house and having people over sounds like an awful lot of work. Once again, Netflix and snuggling are sounding pretty enticing. So, if you're out on Friday the 27th, be sure to drink a cocktail or two, and walk into a wall in my honor. (I'm a klutz.)

The only other news is that I lost my cell phone. Um, like, two months ago. I probably should have mentioned that earlier. If you called me during that time, that's why I didn't call you back. I wasn't being rude, just sans phone and apathetic. I was kind of enjoying the no-cell phone thing, until I took a trip home with Greta and realized it was really irresponsible to drive on the thruway with a kid and no phone. Pat and I ordered new phones and new service (eff Cingular - they weren't doing us any favors), and we should be good to go tomorrow. We should have our same old numbers from before. If you ever want me to call you and you'd be so kind, please email me with your number (at mcfrances at yahoo dot com).

I got a lot of positive feedback about the daily G pictures. Here are some more.

Monday 10/16: This particular day, G had a super cute outfit on, but when I went to pick her up from day care, she had a wardrobe change. She had what, at day care, they affectionately call a "blowout." Yikes. This face says it all. "Mom, I pooped my pants."

Tuesday 10/11: This was Greta's seven-month birthday! She wore her favorite chicken shirt to celebrate. I love Greta's head so much. I love that she doesn't have the typical flat head most babies have. I love everything about her head - except when it cries.

Wednesday 10/12: Here Greta is wearing the fancy new kicks and fancy new shirt her Dad bought her. Oooh, fancy. What is Greta looking at? I don't know.




Thanks, all!

Re: Amy - that is such an unbelievably nice offer, but totally unnecessary. : )


good news - i will be in town this weekend so we should definitely get together. maybe you could bring some friends over to my house? then you don't have to clean or go out to a bar.


Fran, I'm in the same boat as you since I'll be turning 30 in December. I was planning to go to NY with a bunch of my girlfriends, but that hasn't really worked out.

That last picture of Greta is priceless. That one deserves to be framed!

BTW, Keep us in mind if you guys decide to go out for your birthday. We'd love to do a babysitting trade-off thing with you.


30 is awesome, don't let anyone tell you different. I like to play games now like, "What part of my body will hurt tomorrow for no apparent reason?" It's terribly exciting and the surprises are never-ending! P.S. Greta is too cute for words...


Yes, Happy Birthday! Celebrate any way you wish! Something quiet and relaxing sounds fine, but do enjoy yourself and your family. Pix are excellent as usual! Thanks!

Love to you all,

Aunt Kish


wow. fran being 30...little franny! and now little franny has super beautiful greta. happy birthday fran. if i lived there, i would for sure watch greta (with my super-nanny skills) to allow you to go out....or, i would watch movies with you, since i am 31 and that makes me way old. hope you have fun, no matter what you do. love you!



Greta has the cutest clothes. I love the purple shirt that your husband bought her! Paige needs to borrow some of them:0 I got your e-mail and I am going to write back soon! I am sorry that it has taken me so long!!


Aww, thanks mom!


Happy early 30th birthday, my beautiful, darling daughter. I'm so proud of you. I think you should be mother of the year. Greta has two very amazing parents. Lucky girl! Netflix, Pat, Greta, blankie--no better way to celebrate your big 30.