Greta Reed: Infant Fashion Hero

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As noted in my previous post, I want to start taking pictures of Greta on a more regular basis - daily, if possible. This will allow us to show off her fancy outfits to more than just the folks at day care and also for us to see how she changes on a day-to-day basis. Here's this past week in review, starting from Wednesday.

Wednesday 10/11: Greta was crabby. She is wearing her navy Polo shirt and kakis with pink trim.

Thursday 10/12: Greta feeling more chipper on this day. Why wouldn't she be? She's wearing a pink and teal floral onsie with a pink cable-knit Polo cardigan and boot-cut jeans.

Friday 10/13: Greta came home from day care with a sweet rash on her face. At least she was looking sassy in her plain white long-sleeve onsie and her pink Nike jogging pants with the satin white stripe.

Saturday 10/14: The rash is spreading, but it doesn't seem to bother her. To lift her spirits, I put her in one of her classic outfits - pink monkey onsie, jeans, and her white cable-knit hoodie. This day, G and I took a trip to the mall and to Target. We also took a nice, long nap together.

Sunday 10/15: Greta is wearing her black yoga pants and a pink and white sweater that her great-nana made for her. We took a trip to an apple farm and this diner that we go to just once a year, and we made pear sauce. This was a banner day, because I finally found something she likes to eat for lunch. It's tofu, sweet potatoes, yogurt, and peaches, all mixed together. Sounds nasty to me, but whatever floats her boat.

How was everybody's weekend?




Nate gives Greta two thumbs up--his actual response to her pictures was "AWWWWW!! That baby's a cutie!". He's quite enamored with your daughter---seeing as he's Andy's son that could spell trouble! Hahaha! Take care guys...


Cool! I'll be patient, honest!


Thanks, Aunt Kish! Yes, being the first baby on both sides of our families, I pretty much knew Greta would be spoiled. Oh well, there are worse things!

And yes, we do have some good video of her and plan to get it up one of these days. Thanks for the nudge. : )


Finally checked in and found all the wonderful style-show pics! Great looks, all of them! She's not gonna be spoiled, NO! Her posture is pretty amazing and crawling will be happening soon! Will the site have short flicks posted? If not, the stills are very fine!


you know the gap is looking for a baby gap model, the competition is underway. I highly suggest entering. Miss Greta already has the style.


Courtney - it's insane. She six RL items: three dresses, one long-sleeve shirt, one sweater, and a turtleneck. I don't think I've ever owned RL anything, and I certainly didn't when I was a kid. I have pictures of me in nerdy plaid pants to prove it. We're gonna have to work extra hard at not spoiling this kid.


She might have more polo stuff than I do! Surprisingly, I have only 2 RL things for Benjamin so far!


Thanks, all!

She's not quite ready for the catwalk just yet, but I think she's starting to get ready for the catcrawl. : )


I was waiting for the fashion show music to come on while I was reading the descriptions. She's stylishly adorable!!


she looks quite smashing in her polo gear. she'll be the most spoiled niece ever--even more so if we don't breed. :)


Crabby or happy, that is truly one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. (on a web site.) thanks for sharing.