Tough Love

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I saw our friend Erik this past weekend, and he gave me some tough love regarding the site. He demanded more updates. I can appreciate that. I will do what I can. You don't say no to Erik. He will mess you up.

Greta seems to be changing on an almost daily basis. She is definitely in the stage where she loves to entertain people and make them coo at her. She has gotten very, very talkative and actually said "da-da" for the first time! She is all about it. "Da-da-da-da-da-da-da." You get the picture. We often play music while we feed her, and she seems to have an uncanny knack for banging on her high chair's tray to the beat of the music. I think she might be a heavy metal drummer when she grows up.

Here's a picture I call, "Where's my money, b1tch." She loves slapping things, including me.

Greta has been continuing to get great clothes from friends and family, and lately, she's been getting some really nice stuff. I was counting, and she has seven pieces of Polo pieces! That is seven more than I have. Needless to say, she is the best dressed baby at day care. It's really not a contest though...but if it were, our little G would win every day. I want to get in the habit of taking a picture of her every morning. It will be nice to have a log of all of her outfits since she outgrows them so quickly and so we can look back and see the subtle changes she's going through. I swear I can see new hair growth daily.

Here's a couple pictures from a baby photoshoot Pat held the other day.

This past weekend was an extremely busy one. Vienneau and Rebecca had their respective pre-wedding festivities. To inquiring minds, they are both getting married in two weeks - not to each other. Pat is in both weddings. Luckily, the timing is such that he'll be able to actually be in both. It will be all, "We're having Stove Top at 5:00." "Oh, we're having Stove Top at 6:00." Aaaanyway, so Vienneau had his bachelor party out in the bustling metropolis of Boonville, and Rebecca, thankfully, had her shower and bachelorette party in Rochester. My mom came out to watch the wee baby while I was busy being a party planner. Rebecca's events were very fun, and I was happy to help out with them and see some friends I hadn't seen in a while. Most of the old gang was in attendance, minus Courtney, who's busy being a new mommy. It wasn't quite the same, because I was sober DD mom-lady, but it was a barrel of monkeys. Here are some pictures to prove it. The highlight of the evening was when Bryan and Erik came to crash. Seeing Dr. Erik T sipping on one of those new-fangled Labatt Blue cool cans at Soho East was downright fantastic.

I call this one "go, go gadget arm."

Greta and I rounded the busy weekend up with a trip home to Skaneateles to partake in some Doug's Fish Fry with Taryn and Kristen and Co., as well as a visit to my parent's to show off the wee baby.




Isn't anybody going to say anything about that amazingly adorable baby?


Gracias. Maybe there will be actual Stove Top at the wedding receptions. That would be a-ok by me.


Love the Stove Top commercial reference!


here I thought she was flashing the sign for "cribs for life" but I get those mixed up all the time...Hi Reed Family!


Wow, baby Greta sure loves flashing those gang signs.

Crips 4 life, Baby Greta. Crips 4 life.


I missed you crazy ladies this weekend!