2006-07-31 21:18:04

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Damn Sraight!

p.s. Fran, thanks for the recipe- we may now officially be "adult" as we have actually exchanged recipes....


Greta makes all of the ladies want to have babies.


ohmygod fran! so cute. i think that i can't look at your site anymore, it makes my ovaries hurt.


Hi anonymous stranger!

You are Greta's first secret admirer. : )


That's a beautiful baby!


Cute pic! What a girl!


Here are Greta's top 5:
1. putting hands in mouth
2. eating (not seen in photo)
3. rubbing eyes (not seen in photo)
4. drooling
5. looking at self in mirror


Awesome. I see that Greta and Colin share the same favorite past-time.