What a week!

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Monday, I made a huge-mungous tray of baked ziti for our friends Greg and Kimmie, who just had a baby a couple weeks ago. (I was craving carbs and lots of ‘em right after giving birth, so I was hoping Kimmie was too.) This was our one night to kind of relax.

Tuesday, we headed over to Greg and Kimmie’s with lots of stuff in hand: a vat of ziti and garlic bread; Happiest Baby on the Block book; some hand-me-down clothes; and Greta, of course. We met the delightful Maddie Moens, and we got to hear all about Kimmie’s labor and the “fun” that ensued afterwards (long story). It was great seeing those guys. I feel like they’re doing amazingly well for parents of a two-week old child. They looked way better than we did at that stage!

Wednesday, we went to a BBQ at our friend Amy’s. It was great: white hots, red hots, two kinds of salad, watermelon, grilled taters, Dino beans, and….wait for it…banana cream pie!

Thursday, we went over to Christy and Mike’s to drop Greta off, and then Pat and I went to Lux to bon voyage Tracy and Justin. It was a great venue choice, and it was great to get to chat up some friends. It was our first bar outing for the two of us together since way before G arrived. Yay for that. I feel like I made a little bit of a party foul, though. I got up to the counter (bar) and couldn’t decide what to order. See, I only get to have one drink at a time, really, and it has been a while since I’ve had to make an order at a bar. Those two factors put a lot of pressure on me, and I got all nervous and ordered a Pabst. Usually, that would be just fine, but when you only get one bevvie, it’s a bit of a letdown. Luckily, the rest of the experience was so good that I got over it very quickly. We headed back to pick up our kid, and we found her asleep in Christy’s lap. Aww. So cute. Christy and Mike were babysitting for other friends as well, so they were actually in charge of three kids last night. Wow. They are braver than I. Here is a cute picture of the gals hanging out last night. I like to think that this picture of Greta was just taken at a very unflattering angle and that she’s not nearly as fat as she appears here. Look at those ham hocks!

Tonight, I seriously think we just need to relax and sleep.

Oh, a friend of mine just pointed me to the site www.franandpat.com. Curious. I had never thought to check out that URL.




You've got to come down and visit our town. It's a feeling like no other.


Thanks again for the vat of carbs, Fran!! It was way yummy. And hello...cheesy garlic bread?!?!...that was the icing on the cake!!

We had a great time chatting it up with you guys. Can't wait to hang out again!! Feel free to invite yourselves over anytime.


Did I say six weeks? Man, I think I'm losing my mind. Actually, I just have it stuck in my head that you were six weeks ahead of me with your pregnancy.

Elise is beautiful as well. I loved getting her to smile and coo at me. We also enjoyed seeing you and Miguel.


It was so great to see you last week and finally meet Greta..She's so cute and contrary to her %iles, she did not seem all that "large"..just a beautiful baby. Elise wanted to comment that she and Greta are not 6 weeks but 2 3/4 weeks apart and her mom knows this because all her friends delivered early and Elise hung on til' the bitter end!!!
Anyway, we miss you, can't wait to see you again...dinner was wonderful.