2006-07-23 21:26:05

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This weekend was lovely for me. I’m not sure it was quite as lovely for Pat, but he claims his was good too. I say that, because Pat spend a considerable amount of time home alone with Greta on Saturday while I went out and did some fun stuff. I ran home between said fun things, around 3:30 in the afternoon, and Pat still hadn’t had a chance to shower. Hehe. A few months ago, after telling Pat that I was looking forward to going back to work to get a break from the hard work of being a mommy, Pat had said something to the effect, “Staying at home with a baby can’t be *that* hard.” Yesterday, when I asked him if he still felt that way, he said “No.” Looks like somebody learned a valuable lesson.

So, what was I doing yesterday while I was neglecting my husband/child?

In the early afternoon, I met up with Rebecca to have her practice wedding makeup done. I’m in the wedding (co-matron-of-honor), so she invited me to have my makeup done as well. I realized I had never had a makeover done in my life and that I could probably use a few tips. After the makeovers, Rebecca looked fabulous. She looks great no matter what, but her wedding makeup is going to be very Rebecca v2.0. I, on the other hand, looked not so hot. I was on board with things until the (very nice) woman told me my eyebrows were too low and then drew some higher on my head. Some people aren’t just meant to have properly placed eye brows or makeup on. I think I’m just one of those people. It was oodles of fun though.

In the late afternoon, I met my friend Melissa out at Hicks & McCarthy for a proper afternoon tea. Since we’re both mommies and we don’t get out an awful lot, we kind of talked each other into the “royal tea,” which consists of the traditional items – scones, crust-less sandwiches, desserts, loose tea with sugar in lump form – with champagne! It was utterly delightful. I absolutely love afternoon tea, and it’s always wonderful talking to Melissa. She’s my mommy mentor.

This photo appropriated from Melissa. M - I hope you don't mind!

Today, Pat, Greta, and I went out to Skaneateles to go to a barbeque at Taryn and Todd’s. It was quite lovely. Greta loved staring at their dog, Pixie. Who doesn’t, though? After the BBQ, we stopped by to visit my mom for a bit.

My aunt emailed me tonight to tell me to check out the site lostinbenin.com. My cousin, Ryan, just went to Africa with the Peace Corps, and he’s up on the site here. It made my night to see Ryan smiling. I’m so proud of him for going and doing that. It’s so good that there are people like Ryan in the world.




I think it's time greta got one of these, keep your pnf.com visitor count high :)



Oh good! I hope you enjoy the recipe. It's one of our favorites. In the Reed household, we get so excited about scones, that when I make them, we chant, "Scones! Scones! Scones! Scones!" I'm just sayin'.


I had the best time at tea! And thank you so much for your scone recipe! I can't wait to try it out...