2006-07-17 16:26:55

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Last week flew by! Being that it was my first week back after having the previous week off of work, that was very unusual. Time just flies now with this child in our lives. Speaking of the child, she has started going to sleep around 8 P.M. It’s unfortunate, because we barely get any time with the bean as it is, but it’s fortunate, because now we can, like, get some things done and/or have a little break to watch TV or do something lazy. One thing Pat and I have started doing is watching Arrested Development. We had missed the boat on this show initially, and the humor is such that you really do need to know what’s going on to “get it.” I had seen bits and pieces before, and thought, “This may be the dumbest show ever,” but friends (whose taste I trust) assured us it is hilarious, and of course David Cross is involved, so I figured it must be. Pat and I started watching season 1 on DVD, and it is really, really great. And, watching a 30-minute show sans commercials takes, like, no time at all. Anyway, the show is great. The only downside I can think of is that it makes me want to have chocolate-covered bananas all of the time. Really, I have chocolate and bananas on this week’s grocery list for a reason, people. Additionally, if I had to pick a fictitious dysfunctional family to be a part of, it would be a tough decision between the Bluths and the Tenenbaums. Okay, I would definitely pick being a Tenenbaum. Being a Bluth would be a close second though.

Greta wants to be a Tenenbaum too.

We did have a nice weekend, aside from the heat. All day Friday, all I could think about were popsicles and margaritas. I invited Christy, Mike, and Colin over to partake. I also made some pizza (bad idea since it was so darned hot), and the Leshers made a delicious salad. Christy’s salad was a garden salad, but she put cilantro in it. Let me tell you, cilantro in salad changed my life. Anyway, so we did have margaritas. I ended up exceeding my quota for being a breastfeeding mommy, which was the first time I’d done that. (Feel free to send me hate mail.) It was probably not a good idea, but my defense is it was really, really hot, and margaritas are delicious. I don’t think Greta will have any long-term effects. She slept horribly that night, so I know the booze didn’t slow her down any.

Saturday, we ended up being pretty lazy. We ran some errands, Greta and I took a very long nap, and we took a nice walk around the neighborhood and got bubble tea and spring rolls. Nothing to thumb your nose at!

Sunday, we went to a birthday party for our friends Brandon and PJ’s daughter, Rowen. It was outdoors, so it was a tad (big understatement) hot. They had it catered by King & I, and there were lots of fun people there. We were having a great time, but poor Greta was getting too hot. She was quite good, considering, and we even got her to take a nap, but once she started whimpering in her sleep, we decided to get her home and into some air conditioning.

We have just one more sickeningly hot day, and then it’s supposed to cool down a bit. Mike and Holly are in town with their daughter, Elise. We’re meeting up with them tomorrow for dinner, which will be great. We have been dying to meet little Elise (no really, she’s very little – she about six weeks older than Greta and weighs less), and of course, we always love seeing “Mitch and Hollywood.”




Re: Jay

I love "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". I will definetley be getting it on Netflix when it comes out. Glad to hear that all is well in Seattle.


Speaking of television (the only thing we can relate to on here lately being baby-less and all), have you guys watched "It's always Sunny in Philadelphia" on FX (or the COPS network as Lisa likes to call it) It's bad but so good at the same time, we thought you might enjoy it!

Oh, BTW, Greta is adorable, we love reading about her and someday we'll be able to relate better :)

Later from sunny Seattle (seriously, been here for 4 weeks, rained once!)


Hi Reeds! It has been some time since I have visited your site and I can't beleive how much Greta has changed in that time. She is adorable!! I can't wait for her and Shelby to lay eyes on eachother. How cute is that going to be!

You have one precious little girl. She is too cute! Take care. Hope to see you all soon, before Christmas Eve I hope.