Greta: The Toughest Kid in Day Care

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LOVE the shirt! Love it!




now she needs a can of spinach and a sound bite of Dave Coulier yelling "whoooooa!" and various other popeye-isms.




Ha! That highchair is, um, interesting. I hope to be a cool mom, but that might be a little too "cool" for this cat...I did, however, order this one and had it sent to Andrew when he was stuck in Alabama for the month of's perfect.


Ooh, Courtney, I love that site.

This reminded me of Holly:

This made me scoff:


I figured I'd start with this...and then around 4-6 months get the real deal...


Hehe, so far, but tomorrow, for her four-month birthday, we're getting an anchor on her arm.


Guess the tattoos are in places that don't show, right? What a babe!