2006-06-17 23:17:35

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Patty, happy first Father's Day!

Greta and I love you so much.




Yes, but the resemblance is incredible and Ruby is showing a bit of her thick middle there!! Guess it's all in the camera angle, right?? Amazing!


Re: Kresk

Those are stunt doubles. Our cats are way too fat to make any sudden movements like that.

That's exciting that you're moving to Skan. Holy cats.


is that really your cat or a stunt double?? because that's some nice air!! excited to meet greta soon- moving to skan in 1 week!!


"I just want to say Happy Father's Day as well, Daddy, and give you a great big leaping hug."


"Big Deal. Your such a suck-up, Ruby."



Happy Dad's Day Pat. Greta is a real cutie...


Happy Father's Day, Pat.


Dave and Norma


Happy Fathers' Day, Pat!


Happy Father's Day Pat Reed!


I've gotta agree with you there! Holding our spawn, he's even more "eye candy" for me!


fran, your baby daddy is h-o-t! happy pop's day indeed!