2006-03-31 20:58:23

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Hi all. We certainly had this baby at just the right time of year. We’ve been enjoying getting out in the wonderful weather to take walks with our little butter bean. Today hit a balmy 80 degrees! Yes, people on Park Ave were wearing shorts, but for a valid reason at least. (Those of you familiar with this neighborhood know there is almost always some jamoke in shorts any time the weather gets above 45.)

Here are some pictures we took with Greta on a recent walk. You can't really see her in the massive stroller, but you get the idea.

Yesterday, we had a checkup with Greta’s orthopedic specialist. Pat and I are cautious to get too excited as of yet, but he said that it appears, based on his physical exam, that her hip is healing perfectly and that it seems to be right where it should be. We have the sonogram on Tuesday, which will be the true test. Once we have the sonogram, he’ll be able to tell us if she can just start wearing the brace part-time or if she can get rid of it entirely! The doctor needed to adjust the brace quite a bit, because Greta has grown so much in the last week and a half.

Speaking of Greta growing, she is almost up to eight pounds now. I can definitely tell her cheeks are fuller now, and she even feels heavier to me. I am super excited to get “mom arms.” You know, muscular arms from lifting tubby babies.

Oh, after Greta’s appointment with the specialist, Pat suggested we get some bagels. As I was going in to Bruegger’s, there was a homeless man standing by the door, and he asked me for some change. I was in a particularly good mood, so I gave him some. He thanked me and then said, “Don’t ever age past 33.” I said, “Excuse me?” And he said, “You’re 33, right?” I said, “Um, no.” So he said, “35?” And I said, “Uhh, wrong direction; I’m 29.” At that, I quickly walked into Bruegger’s. If you’re ever homeless, and you are hitting people up for change, and you try to give them a compliment, at least make sure it’s a compliment! I don’t feel too bad though; I have seen this guy on numerous occasions, and he usually seems pretty out of it. One time, I even saw him walking down South Clinton with his pants down around his ankles. So, there you go.

Yesterday, we also made a trip out to the RIT library. Pat had to go there for a quick meeting, and Greta and I went along so he could introduce us both to his co-workers. Pat and I are both amazed, because he hasn’t even worked there all that long, and so many of his co-workers have sent us nice cards and even some presents (books, of course) for Greta. It was wonderful to meet them, and everybody was so unbelievably nice.




Pat and Fran great news about the specialist. We hope that the sonogram goes just as good. We look forward to seeing all 3 of you very soon.


you all look great! and yeah, what a stroller!


That's nothing. You should see the SUV-sized strollers folks push in my neighborhood, complete with all-terrain tires. They'll run you right off the sidewalk if you're not careful around here.


I know, that stroller is a tank! We're already thinking an umbrella stroller may be the way to go. : ) This one is great though, since the infant car seat just snaps right in...and plus, Greta says she loves the pink...or at least Pat and I do.


Great stroller, but where is Greta?? Seriously, it's great that you can get outside and enjoy some sun and fresh air! Sounds as if all is going well and you're making more progress with each bit of news. We are just thrilled!

Love to all!


yes, i check your site all the time hoping to find more pictures of the little greta. but no, i did not need to know that it was 80 there. but of course it is 80 there...the same year that n.cali sees its rainiest march in 102 years...that being the same year that i move here. *sigh* can't hold greta, can't see the sun. here is the forcast, might make your spring that much more enjoyable! http://sfgate.com/weather/