Greta's first big trip

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The weather was super nice today and I was going just a wee bit stir-crazy in the house, so Pat suggested we take a trip out to get a hotdog. We ended up going to the Bill Gray's in Strong Museum, which seems to be the hangout for young families. Check out these pics of Greta's first trip out (other than to her doctors' offices) and my first red hot since August. (It was delicious.)




Congratulations!!! She is so cute!!!

Damn it, I told myself to be sure to check back at Pat and Fran v2.0 sooner... and so I am two weeks late with my congrats... Sorry!


That is one cute kid!

I didn't know that there is a Bill Gray's in the Strong Museum. It's great that you were able to introduce Greta to hot dogs in a educational environment.

As far as that clever, the important question is whether or not that woman was a customer or a worker.


I'm sure she was just carrying the meat cleaver for protection. That would scare me a lot more than pepper spray.


Re: Ryan

Ha! We'll, maybe we could just get her some take-out from Nick Tahou's. As much as I enjoy the food from there, I am a tad leery of the place ever since Pat was there an a meat cleaver fell out of the bottom of some lady's dress (true story). I know you're no stranger to danger, but I am. : )


Bill Gray's is fine, but I think it's not too early for Greta to learn about all that Nick Tahou's has to offer (i.e. Garbage Plates!!!)


Fran and Pat,

Congrats on your new addition! Jordan told me about your website and I'm excited to hear about your bundle of joy. I have to tell you that my little girl, Lauren, is three months old now and she's so much fun, so hang in there it gets better ever day. The sleepless nights will go away before you know it and you'll look back and wonder where the little baby went. Enjoy!


Good for you! It can be done! It's great for you to get out and see the world, and nothing is like a dog to fuel the body for parenting strength! Keep up the good work!



the picture of you eating a hot dog is just priceless


I would have liked to have shown you these future pics of yourself back in the time that you went with the veggies against the meat eaters in college, and I was left high and dry-alone with my plate o' meat how you now love a dog!


Mmmm - Red Hots! Glad to see the Reeds are out and about!


Congratulations on your daughter! She is very, very cute.


she is so adorable!