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We have had some firsts lately, so I thought I would share.

Greta got her first manicure yesterday. She was born with these tiny little daggers for nails, and Pat and I were terrified to cut them. We mostly keep her in those shirts with the long arms so she can’t scratch herself (they look like a straight jacket for babies), but every time we had it off for a bath or wardrobe change, she would get in a good scratch or two. All of the literature I read said to cut them while the baby is sleeping…riiiight, I’m gonna torture my baby in her sleep. Yesterday, I figured enough was enough, and I used the softer side of an emery board to just file them down. She actually seemed to enjoy herself! We may have a diva on our hands.

Greta had her first impromptu visit with the pediatrician. In the hospital, we noticed her breathing seemed a little wheezy. Each nurse that came in would check her lungs, and they’d say they sounded great. Babies born early have extra mucus in their lungs that just needs to work its way out. It hasn’t gotten better though, and we tried quite a few things with no success. This morning, we decided it was time to call the doctor, and we were able to get her in right away. The doctor said she’s just fine. We just need to give her saline drops in her nose and keep a humidifier going. Putting the drops in her nose was definitely stressful on me, but again, she seemed unfazed.

I tried to put the Brita in the microwave. I’m tired. Really really really tired. I know everyone says to sleep when the baby sleeps, but how would I get anything else done? People who say to sleep when the baby sleep are clearly lazy. Just kidding, those people are smart (and lazy).

Greta just completed her first week of life. I think that’s pretty fantastic. To celebrate, she woke me up at 1:30 – the exact time my water broke last week. I thought that was pretty neat, until she didn’t let us get back to sleep until 3:30.




What is a Brita in the microwave?
As for nails...don't mean to gross you out....but I found it safer to bite them myself as I could feel where I was....clippers way to it was a bite and spit kind of thing....Kristen would be apauled I'm sure....but I didnt' want to hurt any of my little ladies.!
yes , sleep when she work will always be there.....she on the other hand grows up way to fast.


Fran, Elise also had that wheezy breathing and the dr. said the same thing-she's still sneezy too. If it makes you feel any better I put the icecream away in the microwave and mike found it the next morning completely melted...Sorry about Greta's brace-but of course, she'll be fine:-) We'll send you pictures of Elise for her 1 month b-day (time really does fly with these newborns)


Hey guys!! Been thinking of you a lot. I'm so happy to hear Greta enjoyed her first manicure. I see a few trips to the spa in our future :-) Love you all!


Hey guys--hang in there!! Give us a call if you need any additional parental encouragement. Once Nathan came home, he also thought the dark meant it was time to play. It only lasted a week or so.....I think...ummm...He sleeps great now that he's 2?! (; Just kidding guys (kinda). Little Greta will figure out her days and nights soon...promise!


Nothing quite like a manicure to lift the spirits! Am I the only one in the world who knows nothing of such things?? You two are amazing to do what you are doing when you're actually sleepwalking!! We hope all continues to go along in the right way and soon it will all feel like a comfortable routine. We love you all!