2006-03-23 07:40:47

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Not unlike her mommy and daddy, Greta is slightly irregular. The morning she was born, her pediatrician came to check her over and said she is in great health, but she does have hip dysplasia in her right hip. He said that it can often correct itself, but that it’s best to make sure it’s taken care of before she’s crawling/walking. He said that she would need to wear a brace for up to six months to correct it. Pat seemed a little more upset about it at the time than I was. I just figured if that’s the worst thing wrong with her, I could handle that.

We took her to an orthopedic specialist Wednesday morning to have him confirm the hip dysplasia and get her set up with the brace. The doctor did indeed confirm it and put the brace on her. The good news is that he thinks she’ll only need to wear it 10 days. She will need to go back in a week for a physical from the specialist, and then go back in another couple days for a sonogram and a following physical to confirm that she is in good working order. The bad news is, the brace is about 100 times more barbaric-looking and intrusive than I was expecting. It has mostly soft parts, but it does have some rough parts that are already chaffing her skin, and we’re not allowed to take it off of her at all. Additionally, it covers much more of her body than I anticipated. I can only imagine how she and it are going to look after the 10 days (and hopefully no more). It broke my heart so much to see her in it. I know she’ll be fine, and I have no doubt that it hurts me more than it hurts her, but every time I see it or think about it, I want to burst into tears. And most of yesterday, that’s exactly what I did.

Here's the dreaded brace. Greta doesn't seem to mind it too much yet.

On a happier note, we hit our first milestone yesterday. Her umbilical stump fell off. That bizarre little thing freaked us right out. Symbolically, I know the stump is a beautiful thing, but realistically, that thing is just plain nasty.

In addition, things are going really great in general. The nursing is extremely time-consuming. I really didn’t know just how time-consuming that was going to be, but it is what it is. When it’s going well, I love it, but it can be one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever experienced (when coupled with the hormone fluctuation and sleep deprivation).

We’ll be posting a ton more pictures soon. We'll probably set up a Flickr account or something like that, so you can just go check for update periodically. And course, course, we'll post the best ones here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who have sent cards, emails, and commented. It means so much to us right now. And although we’ve been horrendous about replying, please know we appreciate hearing from you!