St. Patrick’s Day Baby

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I am happy to report that Fran delivered Greta Early this morning. It was an amazingly quick birth. In fact, it was so quick that Fran had to do it without any pain medication. Her water broke at 1:30AM. Immediately after that she started to have strong contractions right on top of each other. We arrived at the hospital around 2:30AM. At this point she was 7cm dilated. By the time she was transferred to the delivery room, had her iv hooked up, and the anesthesiologist arrived for the epidural, she was fully dilated and it was time to start pushing. Our hearts sank when they told us that she would have to do it the old fashioned way, but she stepped up to the plate and pushed Greta out in record time. Fran and Greta are both doing extremely well and will go home on Sunday.


Greta Olive Reed
04:21 AM
7lb 0oz

Greta Olive Reed

Fran, Greta, and Pat



Hi Shan & Pat:
Mom showed me the picture of Greta in the brace. I was only 5-6 when Aunt Marianne had her brace for hip dysplasia. Hers was soft (cotten stuffed) but forced her hips out similar to Greta O. She had to wear hers for about 3-4 months as I remember. I can see why you cried when you saw the brace -- it looks very uncomfortable. Despite the looks, I'm glad Greta actually feels better in it.
Love, Dad


Again congrats to you both... You guys really have a beautiful baby girl. You 2 guys are very blessed, and Rachel and I hope baby Greta brings you two much joy as Emily did for us.


Awesome! She's gorgeous. Feel free to call with any pediatric related questions.....I charge by the minute. Talk to you soon!


Congratulations Pat and Fran! Greta is the cutest, can't wait to meet her! Job well done on the delivery, Fran.


I just wanted to add to this record-breaking comment section, although you already know how happy I am for you guys! I can't wait to meet her! Pat you better be taking good care of my ladies :)


I know I haven't talked to you guys in forever but I just wanted to say congratulations!! Greta is absolutely gorgeous and I am so happy for the two of you!


Congrats Fran and Pat!
Fran, I can't believe you delivered straight-up, wow! I am impressed. And she looks super, as do you (and Pat)!

See you all soon!


Congratulations! She is beautiful. Way to go Fran on labor and delivery! I can't wait to meet her. Again, congrats.


Congratulations Pat and Fran! She's adorable! All the best to the three of you.


Fran & Pat,

Congratulations on your new little girl! She's beautiful - have lots of fun with her!



WOW! Congratulations!! She's sooo cute! We're so happy for you guys. I can't believe you didn't have time to get the epidural--you must be one tough beyotch, Frannie!

Let us know when we can bring Greta's babyfriend over to meet her--we don't expect an invite any time soon--whenever you're rested (like that'll ever happen!) and looking forward to visitors.

Congrats again and we can't wait to meet her!


congrats to you both. greta is great! now i will have an excuse to drink beer on the 17th of march. all my best.


Great news, congratulations to you both! Another reason to celebrate on St. Patrick's Day! She's beautiful.... Fran you do nice work, and you look great! Enjoy.


Congrats!!! She is beautiful!!!


fran- all this time i was sure you were just eating garbage plates for breakfast lunch and dinner, only to cover it up with this whole make believe pregnancy....

CONGRATS!!! she's amazing.


Congrats Pat and Fran. She's too cute.


Hi all! Thanks so much for your kind words. Mini update: We got home yesterday and we're doing great! She kept us up a good portion of last night, but she's just so sweet we didn't even mind. ;-)

Soup - you'll be happy to know the first previously banned food I ate was a turkey sub. I'm not quite up for a garbage plate, but I predict I'll have one in the near future.

I'll try to get an update posted today or tomorrow.


CONGRATULATIONS!!! Tom and I are so happy for you both!!! What a beautiful little girl!! Can't wait to meet the little peanut! Congrats again!


Congatulations to you! Welcome to the big beautiful world, Greta! You are one of the lucky ones to have such wonderful parents!


YAY!!! She's adorable :) I can't wait to welcome the newest little Reed to the neighborhood. Good job on the speedy delivery Fran - happy mommy and daddy-hood!


Congratulations....She is very pretty....Tall too!!!!...Hope you are feeling well....Consider yourself hugged.!


Congrat Fran now you can have deli meat again!!


YEAHHHH!!!!!!! wittle cutey gweta is hewe!!! huge congrats to you all and big hugs and kisses all the way from california. love you guys, and please, keep the pictures coming!


Congratulations you kids! We are so happy for you! It's pretty cool, that Greta and Great Grampa Huscher are both celebrating bithday's on the 17th! Take care and again CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Big Congrats!!!!!!!!! We are so happy for you all. Greta looks great! We can't wait to see her in person. Yippee! :)


CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are so excited! I guess we are up to bat now...


This is what I get for not checking the website in a few days, all heck breaks loose!! I'm soo excited for you guys, and can't wait to meet Greta. Let me know when it's a good time to pop on in.


Congrats! She is so cute!




Congratulations you two! Greta is so cute and Im so happy for both of you! See you all soon!


congrats.....that is awesome.....


This news made my night. Congratulations guys. :)


Happy-Happy! Joy-Joy!

She's adorable guys! And she's a lucky little girl because she has two great parents!




Congratulations! Greta's an adorable little leprechaun, just in time for St. Paddy's Day. All the best to the three of you!


welcome greta! huge congratulations, especially to fran being a champ and getting that baby out at lightening speed! can't wait to see you all! xo


Congratulations!! And welcome to the world, lovely Greta Olive! I can't wait to meet the little dumpling. :)


CONGRATS PAT AND FRAN! She's BEAUTIFUL! Joyce and I can't wait to come over for a visit when you get settled in back home!


Let Mary Ann and myself be the first to congratulate the three of you. She's beautiful, just like her Mommy and Daddy.

Let us know when you'll be having a public viewing.


Yeah! Great news! Have been checking this out yesterday and today and this is exactly what we wanted to see. You all look great and we send our love to all three!