Probably time for another update...

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Hi all, not much news really. I've been having contractions throughout the last couple days, but they're still pretty irregular. I woke up quite a few times during the night having them, but just went back to sleep, figuring if they got bad enough, they'd keep me up and then I'd know to go to the hospital.

We're really aiming to have this kid tomorrow. At first, we thought it would be fun to have her on St. Patty's Day, and we knew my dad would get a kick out of that. And then last night, we found out that Pat's great-grandpa's birthday is actually tomorrow as well. We are excited to have all five generations together at some point, and it would be even cooler if Greta and her great-great-grandpa shared the same birthday. Hey, we might even make Rnews. (For those of you non-Rochestarians, Rnews is the dregs of society as far as our local news goes.)

Since we're aiming for tomorrow, let me know of any wives tales for inducing labor in the comments section. Let's keep it clean though. We all know about "that one." ;-)




Is it too late to register


Fran, Barb and Gor went for a ride on their dirt bikes the 'shake' me you know why I am the way I am...but in other news...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! We totally love you all (all three of you)!!! We're planning on coming up next weekend! Is that alright?? I'll call you soon! We love you! Kisses! Muah! Muah!


castor oil. but don't stray far from the john, and you'll have a bad aftertaste. but worked for 2 people i know!! good luck, you'll do great. sue says hi too- on the phone now :)


totally off the topic, but your precious corned beef made my local fact, it made the "opinion of the day," which apparently, is a big deal if you look at some of the other most commented on topics...


They beat me too them both. Spicy food and well, you know, "it".

Walking is for not lazy people, so personally i'd avoid it. But then again i'm lazy, and i'm also not pregnant (at least i don't think i am).


If friends has taught me anything*, you have to get david schwimmer on a plane now.

*It hasn't


lots of walking...but honestly, *that one* is the one that I believe got things going:-)


spicy foods