Quick! Someone call Mark's and tell them to get a garbage plate ready, STAT!

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Hmm, I guess I'm in labor sort of. I'm a little fuzzy on the whole thing, to tell you the truth.

So, I went to my doctor's today and it turns out I'm 4 centimeters dilated and 80% effaced. In laymen's terms, I'm damn near close to having this baby! When my doctor said I was 4 cm, I blurted out, "Shut up!" I was really stunned by this news. I immediately apologized, and she accepted and gave me a hug.

She said she expects I'll have the baby within the week. Um, so yeah. I am excited, but feeling not quite ready and pretty overwhelmed.

My doctor was like, "Haven't you been feeling your contractions?" And I said I thought maybe I was having contractions, but I wasn't sure. I described what I had been feeling, and she did indicate that those were indeed contractions. She also noted that I "must have a high tolerance for pain." Yo, I told you I was hard as nails.


I woke up at 1:30 am this morning having contractions. Pat timed them for about an hour. At first, they were sporadic and super long and close together (scary). They started to get very regular (40 seconds, 3 minutes apart), and then around 2:45ish, they stopped completely. False labor. I went into work today, was in a meeting, having more contractions. They stopped again. Anyone want to change or place bets?




I have given Pat what I feel is a pretty darn complete email list of everyone to give the good word to, and I would imagine he'd put up some kind of update on the site as well. Lavery, I can tell you for sure that you're on the email list. (It's quite an honor, let me tell you! Okay, not really, but sort of.)


is it safe to assume that pat will make an entry after greta does arrive? of course not right after because he will be taking care of you and his new little girl, but soonish after?i feel so far away *sigh*


Ummm.. Having a St. Patties day baby would sure fit in nicely with Franner's fascination with corned beef, and I believe you like a little o' the green beer Patty? Greta will come to know these things of her birthday.


insert [[listens to between]] "kid" and ""baby baby""


make sure you play this kid "baby, baby" by amy grant on repeat - for years to come...

and no - i am sticking to my guns saturday @ 6 am through sunday @ 6 pm (unless that is too big of a bracket)



Fran and I are keeping our fingers crossed for a St. Patrick's Day Baby.


Wow..this is exciting!!!! Maybe she will be a St. Patrick's Day Baby!!!!


Re: Don - you're pure evil!

Re: Melissa - I've been dying to know what you'd think about all of this, so I'm glad you left a comment. You've confirmed what I was thinking, so that's pretty cool. : )

Oh, and in general, I love all of the comments this has generated. I should have babies more often! Wait, scratch that.


I was in 'labor' for over a day before eventually going to the hospital. If you're 4cm and 80%, that kid's coming out soon. I don't think contractions are always like clockwork at this point, so don't worry and enjoy your time. Get some extra sleep. :)
I say Thurs afternoon you're in the hospital, at most Friday AM. That part's just speculation, though.
Come on out, Greta Olive! Good luck, el parentos! You're going to do great. Whee!


I'm gonna say this is a super sized baby, 11 pounder and she makes the news!


i say that it was just the full moon and fran has another week and a half. or maybe an hour and a half. i am really bad at these guessing things.


Good luck Fran! I can't wait to meet my new friend Greta Olive!


Kir- Come on now, your bogarting.


V - this is not the price is right... you need to guess a bracket of time. and besides, tomorrow night 10:23 falls within my slot.

fran - you can handle 8.4 lbs. lets just hope it is not all head ;)


Fran will be in the hospital by 8:00AM tomorrow.


Dude, it had better not be 8.4 lbs. Have you seen my hips???


Tomorrow Night. 10:23 pm. 8.4 pounds.


i am sticking with tomorrow night and friday morning. got a good feeling about it...


If anything V, i think she'll have the little bugger out and be ready for a kamikaze by friday :)



don't forget to drink wine and eat sushi for me...



i am going to follow in the steps of kirstin and put some money down on saturday @ 6 am and sunday @ 6 pm... good luck good luck - if you need anything have p reed call me - like a g-plate and a margarita from mex. love you and good luck!


So does this mean we're off for drinking on Friday? ; ).

I'll ditto Don's girly scream.


barry white predicts sometime between 8:30pm thursday - 8:30am friday.



Wooo-hoooo!! I'll speak for Andy when I say we are both extremely excited for you and P Reed!! Rest up this week--and good luck on D-day!!!


*eeeee* (girly scream)

Congratulations to the both of you, I can't imagine how excited the two of you are. If my co-workers are any indication, also enjoy that last week of 8 hour sleep you'll get for a couple years ;)


YEAH!!!! baby news!!!! i am so excitied!!!! i have tears in my eyes!!!!! i so wish that i was closer....i will be thinking of you franny...love you!!!!!