Such a perfect day

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Yesterday, Pat and I headed out to Skaneateles for my final baby shower. This one was my "high school girls shower" thrown by my best friend, Taryn. One thing I immediately loved about this shower was how low-maintenance it was for me. I didn't need to do a darn thing other than show up. Taryn handled every detail, up to and including the invite list! My brain has been so muddled by so many details lately, it was nice to just be able to relax.

Here are my ladies, clockwise from top-left: Jordan, Marisa, Laura, Jenny, Taryn, Preggers, and Allegra.

Taryn arranged for the shower to be at a beautiful little inn in Skaneateles, called Hobbit Hollow. Everything was so lovely. Almost all of my high school girls made it out - even one from Boston and another from Philly! We enjoyed some tea and coffee in the sitting room while we hung out and caught up for a bit. Then, we had an amazing meal that was catered by the Sherwood Inn. After the meal, I got to open all of the fantastic presents. The girls also had a book theme for this shower. (Greta is seriously going to be a super genius with all of the books we're going to be reading to her.) Greta got so many amazing presents that represented each of my different friends, and it was so nice. After presents, we had these tasty, gi-normous cupcakes from Patisserie.

There were no shower games at this shower (oh darn ;-)), but Taryn did bring a scrapbook for Greta. In it, she put the invite from my shower, as well as placeholders for each of my friends. Then, she took a picture of each friend and had them each write a little something. That way, Greta will know who they all are, even though we're all spread out all over.

We were all having way too much fun and really didn't want to go. We, of course, talked about our lives, babies, high school, SU basketball, reality TV, and all of the other important things best girlfriends talk about. It was honestly one of the best days of my life. I feel so lucky. Thanks so much to Taryn for organizing everything and spoiling me silly.

My only disappointment was that I did not see any actual hobbits at Hobbit Hollow. Sigh.

In other news, I have cankles. For those of you who are not familiar, those are a calf-ankle hybrid. Not that I even put much thought into it, but I guess I always kind of prided myself on my slender ankles. Now, they're so swollen, I can barely make them out. My hands are also super swollen; I haven't been able to get my wedding band off for weeks...not that it ever should come off, but I do like the option to be available to me.




My name is also Fran. MMMMMMKKKKK



That was the most fun I've ever had at a baby shower!! It was so nice to see everyone!

Fran, I love the belly picture even if Laura is getting a bit fresh.

Greta is going to be so lucky to have you & Pat as parents. I can't wait to meet your little bundle!


Laura might be touching your chest, but I clearly think I am starring at my own..... never a photogenic one, am I...

So glad we all managed to get together and celebrate the cutest pregnant person EVER. Cant wait to hear the good news... the arrival of baby Greta and the disappearance of the cankles!


Yeah... Fran, I should apologize for that-- I guess I got a little more than I bargained for. :)

I had such a good time. Thanks to you for having a baby, thus giving us another reason to get together, and thanks to Taryn for putting together the awesome shower. I can't wait for the "Welcome Greta" party!


Fran, I'm glad you had fun, as I did, too! I love when all of us can get together! I hope to be able to come to Rock-town to meet Greta in the near future...

Oh, and you can call me Aaron Burr by the way I'm droppin' Hamiltons.
-Allegra "Cupcakes" Wiles


i developed cankles when i first started marathon training in hot weather. pretty freaky. i suppose cankles is better than thighkles.


I made the site! I made the site! :)

It was so good to see you Frannie, and you look amazing. Had such a great time just hanging out and chatting with everyone. We should do that more often! Good luck in your last few days/weeks...cannot wait to see baby G!


Here's another fun picture from Taryn's camera. Everyone is supposed to be touching the belly, but it looks like Laura is going for b(.)(.)b.