Won't you take me to sleepytown?

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Hey all. Sorry for being incommunicado for a while there. Apparently, some people were even starting to get nervous due to the lack of updates. Fortunately, there is nothing to fret over. All is well with us.

The biggest reason for lack of updates is that I've been generally drained lately, which just comes with the territory. I've been trying to get more sleep, which means I need to make more of the hours I'm not either sleeping or working. We're also kind of getting down to the wire for when this baby is going to come, so we've been really busy getting things in order. This includes finding a pediatrician, finding a day care center, taking care of pre-admittance forms for the hospital, birthing classes, and all of the totally bizarre things my hormones are making me do, like clean the fridge, organize the spice drawer, and purge the crap in every closet in the house. Oh, and trying to read up on everything I can having to do with babies. Reality check (I hate this term, btw): I'm the girl who only test drove one car and only applied to one college. I am not one for being too picky or doing lots of research, but I would really like to avoid messing this kid up, if at all possible.

Thankfully, we've been mixing a very good amount of fun in with all of the above lunacy. Last weekend, my best friend from high school, Taryn, and her husband, Todd, came to town to celebrate her birthday. Taryn and I went to Hicks & McCarthy for afternoon tea while the boys went on a man date to Beers of the World and House of Guitars. That evening, we got Thai from Esan, got coffee from Cibon (which has turned into some kind of sick, trendy techno-bistro), and then watched 40-Year-Old Virgin. We did other good stuff, but that was over a week ago, and I don't like to dwell on the past.

Last night, we went to a prom-themed going-away party for our friend Marcel. It was held at the Henrietta American Legion. I dare you to not have fun at an American Legion. It's impossible. In addition to a lot of fun people and good music, there were chocolate cupcakes, trophies, and wood paneling. Our friend Denise did an amazing job putting the party together. It was particularly special for me, because I got to be the token pregnant girl at the prom. Yup, my mom would be so proud. Even though I’m almost 30 and married, I have to admit it was more than a tad embarrassing to be token pregnant girl at the prom. Especially when I was crowned “prom princess” (it was a drawing, not a popular vote), and I had to dance with some poor guy I just met. Something tells me he’s never slow danced with a married, pregnant woman. It was tremendously fun though, and it was great to send Marcel off with such a great event. Yesterday, before the party, Pat and I were going through tons of old photos looking for pictures of him for his “yearbook,” and we’ve had so many fun times with him. Sigh.

Here are some new photo memories, soon to be old.

Pat, Cima, and Fran win trophies. For what? For being awesome.

Amy tries to make Fran feel not so out of place.

Fran turns 5 million shades of red after being crowned.

Sorry if this update sucks. I can’t even believe how tired I am. My brain is broke.




Well, I am quite a sports fan. I think if most of my friends were asked what comes to mind when they think of me, I think "sports fan" would definitely rank in the top 5 at least. I just love sports.


kir - when i read your comment i saw "sports fran" as in sports fan... i must need glasses


Thanks, Kirsten! I can't believe you missed my crowning moment. It was great to see you earlier on in the evening though. It was nice to meet D too. : )


you are such a good sport fran!