2005-05-28 18:25:40

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I have a new, sick obsession. It's www.kittenwar.com. Mindless fun + cute kittens = a happy Franny. I actually submitted a picture each of Maynard and Ruby. Unfortunately, Maynard's picture didn't even make the cut to be posted on the website. Frankly, I think it's unfair they didn't post her picture. There is clearly an issue of sizism here and I plan on contacting the NAAFA immediately. They did end up posting Ruby's picture, and unfortunately, she's not doing that well in the stats. Check it out here. I'm beginning to understand how some of those beauty pageant moms get so crazy. I want everyone to appreciate Ruby's cuteness, but apparently she's just not "cute enough" for the general public. What do you expect, though, when she's competing against these cats?

From now on, I only want Ruby to go up against these two cats:

Doesn't that bottom cat look strangely like a feline Mr. Burns? Excellent.




I happen to like that bottom kitty. :) She's not ugly.




no...they aren't even born yet.
i would like to mention that--and sorry if this is too graphic--it looks like that mr.burns kitty has a vagina between its front legs.


Lavery, is that the real reason you're having us over tomorrow night? You actually just want to pawn off some kittens.


while we are on this kitten thing...
if any of you want to own a new kitten (and maybe whore it out to the life of competition), i think that the cutie gray cat that had kittens last year in the abandoned garage next-door is pregers again. there will surely be kittens again.


RIP, Sunny. You'll live on our 'porch' and in our hearts forever. *dumps 40oz*


Oh man, I totally forgot about Sunny, the Park Ave Porch Whore. That cat smelled SO bad, and its' meow was enough to wake the dead.


ok, punkin would have ate up the competition. NO really she would have ATE the competition.


Wow, Andy, that's a mighty generous offer, but I think I'll pass. ;-)


Fran,if you want i'll hunt them down and take'em so maynard and ruby have a better chance. I haven't killed in awhile anyway.


Man, oh, man.....Sunny (aka the Sunster, aka the Park Ave Porch Whore) would have taken that contest hands down, with the snaggle tooth and onion breath and all. Plus, he was a nice shade of grey (even though he was originally an orange tabby).


he he ha ha ha!!!


He Hate Me.