The Rumors of My Resignation Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

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All right, all right. Stop sending the hate mail. I never really went that far away. I’ll fill you in on every tremendously exciting aspect of the last few weeks of my life in due time. For now, here are a couple of tidbits.

A couple of weeks ago, some co-workers and I went to a restaurant, called Cheeburger Cheeburger, located in the fast ferry terminal. They have a one-pound burger on the menu, and if you finish it, you get your picture on the wall of fame. Let’s just say that Pistol Pat Reed walked in with the intention of having a nice lunch and walked out a champion. And it was so damn easy, too. I probably could have eaten a two-pound burger, a basket of fries, and a banana shake, but that doesn’t get your picture on the wall any quicker. They have a special section on the wall of fame for repeat offenders. Look for me there soon. Fran tried to break my spirit by telling me that I am disgusting, but you can’t break the spirit of a true champion. I’m sure that Flo-Jo, Lance Armstrong, and Jesse Owens had to put up with similar shit. Here’s the picture they put up.

This past weekend, Fran and I went to Boston for a long overdue visit to Taryn and Todd's. They are moving to Skaneateles next month, so the pressure was on to make it out there before their move. We were originally going to drive, but we got a really good last-minute deal from USAir. Every Wednesday, they send out the weekend deals, and after five years of shitty offers, I hit the transportation jackpot. We arrived in Boston around 9:00 am on Saturday. We spent the entire day walking around the city. In the evening, we hit a few bars.

On Sunday, Todd and Taryn took us to some salty dog, touristy fishing community about 40 minutes north of Boston. We spent a couple of hours sightseeing and eating Chowda. We had lunch at Woodman’s of Essex, which is home of the fried clam. T&T were very excited to introduce us to the birthplace of the fried clam, but in all honesty, they tasted the same as every fried clam I ever had in my life. Speaking of clams, Todd’s band, Clampede, had a gig at a bar called the Middle East. Todd claims that this was the first Clampede gig that he has played with actual clams in his belly. It paid off. They put on a great show. Fran and I were very excited that we got the opportunity to see them.

We returned to the 'Chester Monday afternoon, happy to be home and relieved that we didn’t have to partake in a seven-hour drive.




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Not that I want to potentially contribute to your gluttony, but if you guys think a 1lb burger is a big deal, you need to check this out:


Mother of God, I must have the 1lb burger. This is the kind of fame I've been looking for!


Great to have the ReedSTAR back!


Re: V Murder

Yes. You will be seeing more picture of me in the pink shirt. I am simply more photogenic in the shirt.


I see you wore your stylin' pink shirt to Cheesebureger Cheeseburger. Does this mean we'll be exposed to many more pictures of "Pretty Pat in Pink"?