The Seven Year Itch

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Seven years ago today, Pat and I went on our first date. We went to see the Wedding Singer and then went to Perkin's. It was no frills, but what do you expect? We were poor college students.

I wouldn't have even remembered except my mom sent us an anniversary card. I thought it was so nice of her to remember.

After the first date, we were both only mildly interested in each other. Somehow we fell in love, stole a cat, and got married.




Anyone ever see "Kicking and Screaming"? Great college angst movie of the 90s? I just met and had a very cordial, nice conversation with Grover (Josh Hamilton). Nice guy;very genuine. I also blew off Ethan Hawke, who wanted to bum a cigarette from me. It was my last one (he was very nice about it).
That's my first and only NYC celeb story. I'm enjoying it.
Fuckin' Grover!!!


Hello! This is your friendly spell checker. I am working fine. The person behind the computer typing is the problem! (Automated Message 000568734259Z36F)


Hey Pat thanks for looking into the spell check. I do hate typos myself and i do try my best to avoid them at all cost. God knows i know people like John V. are waiting like a hawk after its prey to catch peeps like me. And Pat let us know what yours and Frans schedules are like this month. We really want to come see you both, and the new house.


*takes a bow*


Re: George

While Don is right about internet fighting (as a general rule), I would have been deeply disappointed if you hadn't corrected Vienneau. I mean, he was totally asking for it. If you didn't, I would have had to...and let's face it, I don't like doing dirty work.

Re: Don

That is the best/worst thing I've ever seen.


I picked a fight for the hell of it, and Don is totally right about the whole retarded thing. My bad, I'll quit. Nothin' but love.


Yeah, I have to get to the bottom of this spell check situation. It's been on the fritz lately. I'll see if I can bird-dog it for ya.


Actually I did try spell check twice, and it did not work. Some error came up. And i never said you had any grammatical errors V.


But since I'm right, why would I try again? I will, however, happily acknowledge my own misused semicolon, which I'm sure you noticed but were too polite to correct.


obligatory picture for thread arguing...

yay! 50 dollars!



Both of your "corrections" are nothing but a bunch of Balderdash & Poopycock. Try again.


V Murder:
That's "for Christ's sake," not "for Christ sake"; and "proofread" is usually written as a single word.
There, now do I win something?


There is NO reason anyone posting on this sight should have grammatical errors. There is a spell check provided for you for Christ sake! As far as the spell check not picking it up because the misspelled word is also a word, well, that's just being lazy. After you spell check, you then need to proof read. I challenge anyone to find a misspelling on any of my blogs. It won't happen.


Hey Fran it became his life's passion when it became clear that masterbating would never be an Olympic Sport... Only kidding John V. by the way I'm glad you found someone who could tame your wild side as good as Pat did..And I'm sorry if i have any grammatical errors.


Can you plese let me no if I spilled anyting wong in this entrie? Their is nothing more anoying than a poster who cant spel and use pruper gramar. Thanks buddie!


Yeah, Vienneau, when did enforcing correct grammar and spelling become your life's passion?

BTW, I like your new live journal:

You talk about some really sensitive, hard-hitting topics, similar to that of the ladies at the View. You're a regular Starr Jones. :-p


Hey V Murder sorry about the typo. Could you be anymore of a sarcastic dill weed. Hard for spell check to work when not is a word as well as the word note. But hey I can forgive you. After all you can't help it you were deprived of that very important medication when u were a child.


awwwwhhhh....the little franny from cute. congrats guys.


Happy anniversizzery, bitches! Ah, the nineties...


Ahhhh... The infamous "Incredible Hulk" photo of Pat.

Now be honest everyone, if you were being extorted for information though the internet by an anonymous person, and they sent you this photo of Pat who was their "muscle" who they were going to send to your doorstep to get the information... you'd be pissing your pants, right?


RE: Sean

What is a sad "not"?


Re: Franky, I thought it would have been enough thanks that we had you in our wedding, but since that's not the case, Pat and I will throw you a big party or something. ;-) Seriously though, Frank, thanks so much for introducing us. Going to that party was the best thing that ever happened to me.


awww.... what a sweet .02 megapixel picture. just kidding. congrats!


HEY NOW! I believe I was part of that historic night. I remember I tried mackin' on your friend, who was my "date" and unlike a Damon Tidwell, I got no where! In honor of your anniversary, I attached a "vintage" photo of the legendary Pat and Fran (and myself) from March 19th 1999! ENJOY!


Congrats to you both. Rachel and i had our 1st date anniversary on Feb 8th. It was 8yrs. On a sad not it was the 7th yr anniversary of a very close relative who dies unexpectedly in a car accident. But hey what doesn't kill ya only makes you stronger. We hope to see you both soon. Let us know what your schedules are like this month or early March.