2005-02-22 11:03:53

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Hoi, hoi.

I’ll post pictures later tonight, but this was the best I could do on my lunch break.

I had a nice extend-o-weekend this past weekend. I was getting over a pretty nasty cold, but I didn’t let it slow me down too much. In fact, productivity has been at an all-new high at pnf.com HQ.

Friday, Pat and I watched the first three episodes of Joe Schmoe, courtesy of Netflix. Holy cow, that show is great. In a nutshell, it’s a reality-type show, but there is only one “real” guy, and then the rest of the characters are actors. It’s very Real World meets Big Brother (not that anyone watches Big Brother). After watching the third episode, we were definitely hooked. A few of the actors were actually crying because they felt so bad about messing with the real guy’s head. All I can say is, I hope that poor bastard is well compensated for in the end – at least enough to cover the cost of the psychiatrics he’s sure to need.

Winter Fest 2005

Saturday, we did a little shopping, and then went to Winter Fest 2005. What is Winter Fest, you ask? Well, Pat’s classmate, Josh, threw a party…a festival of winter, one could say. I knew there was going to festivities outdoors, but I never thought people were really going to be hanging out outdoors. Oh, but I was wrong. I have to say though, even though I was not really prepared to spend hours outside, and I kind of hate the outdoors, I really, really enjoyed myself. I believe I was the only gal there with a Banana Republic purse, new Seven jeans on, and pointy-toed shoes with a kitten heel. I definitely should have worn a different ensemble, but what are you gonna do? Festivities included: two big fires, beer pong, ice bocce, fireworks, a keg, lots of food, and some icy booze concoction. Food Mike, Chris, and Amy showed up later on in the night, and the five of us went to Park Bench for a drink, and then we ended the night at Food Mike’s. Food Mike was working on his own winter festival of sorts, which consisted of un-icy Guinness ice cream. I did not partake in that, but I did partake in clean, dry socks and a tour of his and Jane’s new house. I have to say, I’m a wee bit jealous. It’s definitely better than ours. They better watch their backs though, ‘cause ours is getting better every day.

Sunday, we made a trip to the Home Depot, and then finally completed the dreaded task of running cable into the office. Pat and I had been kicking dirt about how to do that for months. We finally bit the bullet and drilled a hole into the side of our house, cut the cable that ran under the outside of the office window, spliced it, and ran it into the office. I say “we,” but I actually mean Pat; I just watched and nervously bit my fingernails. The good news is we now have working cable in the office. The bad news is, the stress of drilling a hole through the house and watching Pat up on a ladder shaved a few months off my life.

Yesterday was a paid company holiday for some reason. I usually don’t get those weird little holidays off, but I got Presidents’ Day off. I don’t want to rock the boat, so I don’t ask. I ran around doing a bunch of errands in the morning, got groceries, made some soup that Pat originally asked me to make three years ago (I hope it was worth the wait), and put a coat of paint up in the office. The room was originally a sickly mustard yellow, and now it’s a very bold dark brown with kind of a greenish undertone. It’s a very handsome office color.





Re: Vanessa

You hit the nail on the head. I never would have made the connection, but you're so right.


I wish that sick people would give medical people holidays so I could get a day off like Franner...



Joe Shmoe was hilarious.
"You're dead to us."


pat looks seriously competitive in his beer pong maneuvers. is he going pro?


Is it just me or does that picture of Joe Schmoe look a little like a certain big-wig manager at work??