2005-02-14 08:07:36

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First, I want to say that this is the best I could do in five minutes at work with Microsoft Paint. Second, I am in no way saying the Thing's love is at all merely sisterly or incestuous in any way.




Re: Doc Thang

I'm sure you'll get scooped up by some high-profile modeling agency in no time. They're always perusing pnf.com looking for new talent. Until then, the best payment I can give you is a tip of the verbal variety: don't eat yellow snow.

Don't say I never gave you anything, fool.

(That counts as your birthday present too. It's only slightly better than the CD of sweet hits we gave you last year.)


Nor was I compensated in any way for my likeness to appear here. As soon as the advertisement banners start, I expect to recieve some hefty royalty payments. Bling bling!


For the record, we did not pay Michael to say that. ;-)


The best personal page I have seen, good work!


Happy V day friends o' mine


Hm, I just asked Pat if he liked this post, and he said he didn't get it. I said, "It's supposed to be a funny Valentine." I guess it's not very effective. Sorry guys. I tried. Better luck next year. ;-)