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Sumpin. Ahahaha.

So, Friday night we had no real plans. We hadn't seen our friend Don J in a long time, so we gave him a call and asked if he was interested in going with us to MacGregor's. He said he would definitely be into that. What Pat and I didn't find out until later, was that he had plans with two of his other buddies and he ditched them for us! Now that's the kind of special treatment I can appreciate. We scooped him up and headed to the bar. We were there just a few minutes when we ran into our friend Veno's friend, Rob Jones. Rob Jones said something like, "Oh, so Vienneau should be here any minute." and Pat and I were like, ja? We had no idea V and his best lady, Mary Ann, would be in town. It was an interesting group: Pat, myself, Don J, Veno, Mary Ann, Rob J, Rob J's new girlfriend, Rob J's ex-girlfriend, and Rob J's ex-girlfriend's new fiancé. What? Exactly.

Saturday, we kind of picked up the house, changed a light fixture, and nutsed around for a bit.

V and Mary Ann popped by and we hemmed and hawed for a bit, and then went to lunch to Dinosaur BBQ. DELICIOUS. I ate an entire half of a chicken and all of my sides. I was so full it hurt for a few hours. It also kind of ruined our appetites for the dinner we had planned with Cima and Amy. Oops. Anyway, Pat and I rallied and made it out to the Distillery for dinner. (Yeah, we really "took one for the team" by going out an eating another delicious meal.)

Chris' new work friend, Chad, came out to dinner as well. He's super cool. If Pat and I gave out awards to our friends, he would definitely at least be nominated for Best Newcomer. We all went back to our house and hung out for a bit. Ray made a cameo appearance as well. We watched the good parts of Far Out Man (there's only like, two good parts), Amy beat the sh1t out of Ray (in Ray's defense, Amy fights dirty), we ate cookies, I served Franimakazes™, we listened to Ween (of the Chocolate and Cheese variety), and we ended the night at our home away from home, the BOD. (Yup, that makes two times in two weeks. Oh my.)

Today is all about newspaper reading, cereal eating, trim painting, pizza ordering, and CarnivĂ le watching. The perfect Sunday.




Fran kudos to the very clever blogs. Hey John V. You kind look like the famous Joe Dirt without the mullet. Only kidding. Pat and Fran keep up the good work. The house really looks good. We will get some pictures of ours taken and send you some for your A+ site.


Yeay!!! Sumpin!! I likey!

Rock on with your Sunday!! That blog should keep me going at least until Tuesday...