2005-02-09 19:28:53

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The Lean Cuisine commercial that never made the cut

Tonight, for dinner, I had a plate of fried foods and some lead paint chips for dessert.

Even though Pat and I are running low on food right now and are sorely due for a trip to Wegman's, I was willing to play lazy susan roulette and whip something up out of some found food items. Pat was not feeling as adventurous; he wanted to get takeout from Sticky Lips BBQ. I complained that the food there was too unhealthy, but I agreed to get takeout from there 'cause I'm a good sport. I stood and looked at their menu for a solid ten minutes, and then made the choice to get the fried catfish and share an order of fried green tomatoes with Pat. When I got my food from the styrofoam containers onto my plate, I realized that, considering I was worried about eating unhealthy food, I probably could have at least not gotten an entire plate of fried food. Sigh. At least I'm skinny.

By the way, catfish is gross. Even ensconced in batter, grease, and cajun tartar sauce, I could still taste the fishiness. I'm actually surprised I even ordered it. Especially since catfish was the secret ingredient on last week's Iron Chef America, and the catfish the chefs were given to cook with were still alive! The chefs just chopped their whiskery heads off right there and the bodies were still flopping around as they were being filleted.

Tonight, I started painting the trim in the soon-to-be office. I opened one of the windows and found lots and lots of cracked, peeling, old paint. With the knowledge we have of the affects of lead paint on children, I was astounded at my find. Particularly since, as I said yesterday, this room was a child's room previously. Um, it's called a gallon of paint and a couple hours of your time, people. Is it too late to call child protective services on their asses? Seriously.

Oh, that's some sweet crackle paint affect there. Is that Ralph Lauren, you ask? No, it's authentic. Here's an action shot of me painting. Hotcha!




HEY!! Im going into d-t's!! You can't just write a blog everyday for a week and then just leave us hangin'!! It's been four days, for the love of your fans!! Write sumpin!!


I could swear that I had a Mex glass at some point. I don't know what happened to it. Alas, my only Roch souvenir drinking vessel is my Hogan's glass, which is pretty damn sweet.


Yeah, I want to state for the record that Pat and I did not steal that Mex glass. I won't name names, but someone else stole it and then gave it to us. I really do enjoy it though. I'll consider it payment for Pat's and my years our prettying up that joint with our presence. Actually, we got plenty of "payment" with all of the free drinks they gave us over the years. With the money we saved on drinks, we could start a pretty sweet college fund for our first-born.


i love the lifted mex glass. do we all have a collection? hope no mex-feds are watching!


Catfish = bottom feeder.
In cod we trust. Mmmmm, cod.


Holly, I actually thought of Mike when I was eating my catfish and complaining that it was too "fishy." I remember he would say, "How you can say fish is too fishy?? It's fish!" True dat, but still, fishy fish is gross.


I'm glad there is someone else who thinks catfish is gross. Mike used to try and force me to eat it but I always despised every mouthful...