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Notice: Pregnant women, the elderly, young children, those prone to seizures, the faint of heart, and clean freaks should read no further.

Okay, so I just started to do the prep work for painting the trim in what is going to be our office. Previously, this was some ratty little kid's room, so it's already kinda gross. Additionally, we did the cutting for our flooring in this room, so it's kinda nasty due to that too, but still. I just wiped down all of the trim so it would be clean before I started taping off and painting the trim, and look at how gross the water is! This sponge shows how nasty it was after just one swipe off the top of the door frame.

Not only am I going to burn the sponge, but I'm also going to go burn my hand. Excuse me.

As a side note, at least you get a nice close-up of our new floor. Nicey. Check out that handsome fake wood grain.




Oh yeah, the green tinge is definitely from all of the dust from the flooring. There was quite a bit of other junk too though.


ok, now spill it...isn't there green felt-y stuff on the back of your flooring??? i still sweep up green dust everyday from our floors...lol, nicey...


Well i would argue that its vomit maybe from the exorcism of the spirits that reside in your home, or of the hellish kids that lived there prior. Kind of like amyityville. You wouldn't happen to know if you have a graveyard under your basement floor if u have a basement. Only kidding if anything its the demons from Pats old college apt at RIT. Talk to you soon.


oh, don't worry fran...that is probably just caked on projectile vomit from when the poor little kid had the flu.