Just in time for Valentine's Day

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I know I posted this site as a "Link of Interest" around this time last year, but I had to post it again. Why? Because I have a very simple sense of humor and this slays me. Just a warning, this site is not so safe for work.

If you're going to buy one of these, you should probably just buy two. (Keep one at home and another in a safe deposit box.)

Oh, and while you're at the site, be sure to spend some time on the About Us page. Of particular interest, click the HQ link.

Loves it.




Wow! That's an interesting story. It's amazing how senstive people can be. I mean, if people want to pay 70 bucks for a teddy bear in a straight jacket, I say, go for it.


Did you know that bear has been discontinued?



Has anyone else seen the crazy for you bear? Cracks me up every time. It even inspired me to make a wheelchair bear with a card that says "I'm on a roll with you!". Not thats love.


I think it may be impossible to post seven consecutive blogs. It's never been done before.


You've got 45 minutes, Pat.
(Posts from Fran don't count.)