2005-02-06 20:35:05

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Oh damn. I bet you thought I was going to slip up and take the Sabbath off, didn’t you?

Last night, we had dinner at Cima and Amy’s place. After dinner, instead of watching a movie or killing a hobo, we went to the legendary BOD. We hadn’t been in a while and there was a new set of talent working in there. I have to say, they were much better than the last bunch. I think they might have started posting positions on Monster.com. Perhaps the BOD is on the up and up.

Today, Fran and I painted the ceiling in our soon-to-be office (aka the technology center of our house). We used that magic ceiling paint that goes on purple and dries white. I can’t figure any other way to explain it but magic. We also put up some classy blinds downstairs. If anyone has been shopping around for mauve blinds, I could probably hook you up. We also removed one more ceiling fan monstrosity from the house (only two more to go). Other than that, it was a fairly uneventful day. I’ll make sure to make tomorrow’s post a little more exciting.

-Pistol Pat Reed