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The novelty of shoveling our driveway has worn off. Sure, it was fun for a few days: the fact that it was our driveway and walkway; the camaraderie with the neighbors; the feeling that I was getting the best workout I’d gotten in months; and to be honest, I felt a little smug that our walkway was the cleanest on the street. But now, it’s not so fun anymore. And, I only pretty much do it once a day, in the evening. Pat usually does it every morning, God bless him. The fact that I have a good 20+ years of shoveling ahead of me kinda makes me want to cry right now. Maybe we’ll come to our senses and move someplace warm (oh wait, I hate sweating), or maybe we could take some beer money and put it toward hiring a plow service. I digress.

Here's a picture of some dufus in the snow to illustrate my point. Notice the sweet soft border around the image.

Sooo, this has been one heck of a week. I’ve done more physical activity this past week than I think I did in the previous six months. My bother, Phil, and his fiancé, Becky, are coming to town this weekend, and not like they’d give a rat’s ass, but we thought it would be a good goal to get the trim in the living and family rooms painted before they arrived. That in and of itself is not too daunting of a task, but then we bought that flooring, and we just couldn’t contain ourselves; we had to take it out of the boxes. Our charming and helpful friend, Mike B, came out a couple nights to help out. (Did I mention how helpful he is?) While Pat and Mike were working on the floors, I was working on the trim. Our house is a complete disaster right now, which is totally stressful for an uptight control freak like me. For real. It’s all for the greater good though. I finished painting last night, and the guys made great progress on the flooring. Now I’m nice and tired, just in time for Phil and Becky’s arrival. When they get here, I’m sure I’ll just be laying the couch, and I'll say in my best "dragon lady" voice, “Hey kids, go help yourselves to something nice to eat. There are Steakums in the freezer and some Shasta in the garage.” I may even take up smoking to make it sound more authentic. I take my craft very seriously.

Oh, so these aren't the real Phil and Becky. I didn't have any real pictures of them handy, so I found these other "Phil and Becky" people with a Google image search. Whatever. Same difference. My brother and his fiance are much more attractive than these people though.

If this blog doesn’t make sense, it’s ‘cause I’m real tired. Did I mention I’m tired too?

For real though, the moral of the story is, don’t be dumb! Be sure to set your sights nice and low. That way, you never end up disappointed.




Never give 100% when you can get by with 50


OK....shoveled 5 TIMES already today!!!!


Re: George

Now, George Ford on a normal day definitely doesn't look like a dufus. If, however, you put on a crazy aviator jacket and some ray blands, and then stood out in the snow, then that would be a different story.

This guy looks like George Ford, meets Tom Cruise, meets Ted Kaczynski, meets some winter-loving ass****.


I'm torn: should I be upset that Franimal thinks I look like a dufus, or throw myself off a building because Chris confused me with Tom Cruise?

I'm going to need some time alone for thoughtful contemplation.

For the record, I seriously used to own a pair or bitchin' Top Gun-style Ray-Bans.


I found a picture of Phil and Becky sandwiching a college graduate.


He reminds me of yet another dufus by the name of Craig Smith from my Enchanted Forest Days. Remember him, Pat. He was the boss of your favorite person, Jordy Cuddy.


I couldn't agree more. I was gonna be like:

Why you callin' GF a dufus?


I actually thought it was before I read the post. I was sure it was either him or Tom Cruise (top gun style).


Anyone else see a resemblance between that "dufus" in the snow and George Ford? Anyone? Anyone??