I never thought it could happen to me

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It’s that time of year again. Work gets totally insane because everyone is trying to get as much out the door before the year ends. However, it’s the holiday season, so they try to pack in fun stuff, which really means you slack off for a few hours here and there, while a horrendous pile of work is accumulating for you. Anyway, that’s work right now.

Last night, I made “Dutch Leek Casserole” in an attempt to get rid of some leftover leeks and potatoes. (Really, I did not make this dish up; I got it from an actual recipe site.) The recipe called for a jalapeno pepper. I had always used canned jalapeno pepper, but I decided to get a real one this time. I had heard many times that when you cut up hot peppers, you should wear gloves because the oil would seep into your skin. To that, I said, “Pshaw!” The entire rest of the time I was cooking, every time I licked my finger (I never realized how much I lick my fingers while I cook - don't worry, I also incessantly wash my hands when I cook) I would make a noise like I was in agony. When I touched my lip, it hurt. At one point that night, I blew my nose, and then my nose hurt. The worst came later. I went to put my contacts in. OH MY GOD. Lesson learned: I’ll never cut any kind of hot peppers without gloves again.

Last night, we also painted our second room. We really like the color of this one. I’m so relieved. It’s kind of a kaki green color, and I know green can be one of the trickiest colors. If I ended up with sea foam green, I was going to rage. We’ve got the get a second coat up tonight, and then we still need to do the trim. Is it a bad sign that I’m already sick of painting and we’re only on room #2?

This weekend we’ve got a John Raymond Vienneau and a Mary Ann coming to visit. They’d better watch out or I’ll hand them paintbrushes. I think Vienneau even worked a summer doing painting…yes, that’s perrrfect.