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I’m going to let Pat write a blog and fill you in on some of this weekend’s details, and I’ll do the same. It was really, really action packed and definitely necessitates two updates.

Wednesday night, we drove to my brother’s house, and then Pat, Phil, Becky and I went to Clark’s Ale House to meet up with Taryn and Todd. We ate beef on a weck, I drank enough water to hydrate me for a week, and we took some classic photos. Allegra was supposed to come meet us out, but she didn’t; Allegra is dead to me now.

Thursday, we woke up bright and oily, and we went to my Aunt Janice and Uncle Howie’s for the annual McCarthy Turkey Bowl. The weather was really pretty crummy. After the game, we drank champagne, ate food, and sat around the bon fire. Most of the McCarthy family stayed at the horse barn and ate their dinner, God bless them. My immediate family ate dinner indoors. We had a great time eating, joking around, and drinking fantastic wines. (Oh yeah, I know I said I stopped drinking, but I hopped off the wagon when my dad busted out the wine. In my defense, they were seriously good wines.)

Friday, we went to my old high school friends Jordan and Chris’ house. They just moved back to the bustling metropolis that is Marcellus (where I grew up). I finally met their son Joey and saw their new house. We had a really nice time catching up. Since I’m negligent, I don’t have pictures of little Joey. We then drove down to Binghamton.

As I mentioned previously, this weekend was Pat’s fake 10 year high school reunion. I’ll let Pat tell you more about that. I really just want to share one story from the night. Okay, so first we met up with some of Pat’s friends at this East side Binghamton towny bar called Froesin’s Café. Don’t like the “café” part fool you; this place is scummier than a frat house’s bathroom. Anyway, there was this crackhead-looking lady sitting at the bar, and for seemingly no good reason, she took her full can of beer and crushed it, causing its contents to spill out all over the place, including our friend’s leg. Then, she got up, clearly irritated, stumbled out of her chair, shoved some guy, and then disappeared at the back of the bar. Ten minutes later, three cops come in looking for her, they talk to her for a while and then…AND THEN, she starts singing karaoke. The woman never missed a beat. However, she was a terrible singer, but that’s neither here nor there. There are too many good pictures from the night. I'll have Pat add more, but for now...

Saturday, we had a nice breakfast with Pat’s parents, hung out for a while, and then had lunch with Pat’s brother and sister-in-law. After lunch, we just kind of decided to head home. (Originally, we were going to come home Sunday.) It didn’t sound like there was much going on that night, and I had the raging desire to go home and paint (long story). So, we got home, regrouped, and went to Cima’s. We watched the tail end of Trekkies (fantastic) and then watched Red Dawn (best movie from the 80s).

Today, Pat and I did indeed paint. We picked out a kind of army green color for our family room and this kind of muted mustard yellow for the living room. We’ve just painted the living room so far, and we’re not sure if we like it or not. At first we both hated it, but now I think it might be growing on us.




Pat, you are one fine piece of ass.


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patty pat and franimal after the big feast...mmmm, food baby...


I fell out of my seat laughing.....all I can say is, "OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!" It looks like Fatz is "packing some heat" if you know what i mean!!!!


Oh yeah Frank?

Well, I ABSOLUTELY love this picture that I found of you.


"..scummier than a frat house’s bathroom".

I ABSOLUTELY love this quote!