The Stupids Step Out to the Polls

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Did anyone else ever have any of The Stupids book series when they were a kid? I’m not sure how we got it, but when my brother and I were growing up, we had a book called The Stupids Step Out. It was one of our favorite books. It details all of the stupid things this family does during a day together. Later on in life, my brother discovered The Stupids Die. In this one, someone turned off the lights, and the family was so stupid, they thought they were all dead. Kind of twisted for a little kid, but entertaining nonetheless. It may explain some of my sick humor; like the time I laughed when that guy on Alexander street got stabbed in the hand.

Anyhoo, standing in line waiting to vote this morning, I felt like I was living in a Stupids episode. The Stupids Step Out to the Polls. I was actually surprised some of these people had the mental capacity to understand how to register, formulate an opinion on who they want to vote for, find the address of their assigned polling place, and then pull the lever in the voting both. No, actually, I give mad props to anyone who voted today…but some of them did seem kinda dumb.

Pat and I got up bright and early today to go vote. We had heard horror stories about people waiting in lines for five hours during some of the pre-voting this election year, and we wanted to make sure we wouldn’t have to miss any work or anything. We got to the place (the United Way on College Ave.) just before 6 am. There were maybe a dozen people in line ahead of us. As it turned out, the Kokomo Joe (term our friend Rebecca’s mom uses to describe a shady guy) who was supposed to be at the United Way building by 5:30 am didn’t show up until 6:30 am. Then, it took a while for everything to get all set up. It took about an hour all in all.

There were some pretty entertaining people in line. I was amazed at their energy levels at that hour in the morning; they were so hyped up, I would swear they just got out of a spinning class or something. They were so incensed that the guy who makes $10 an hour for the United Way wasn’t there right at 5:30. A bunch of them were on their cell phones calling news stations all over Rochester. I’m actually surprised you haven’t heard about it already…I’m sure it's on the front page of the D&C.




This is even better....the real reason why Bush won!!!! Its all been a conspiracy!!!!


Some post-election fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


V Murder: Of course, that should be "native"; I'm an excellent speller but a shitty typist.



Although it's not official, your "Heeeeeee Hawwwwww" is quite prophetic, and extreamly self-actualized.


What the hell is a "notive Rochestarian?"


It's 1 am and I'm glued to the TV...


Heeeeeeeeeeee Hawwwwwwwwwwwwww


auburn (next to the prison) > greece > east crotch

classy, like a fox!


All the notive Rochestarians I knew in college always referred to Wayne County in the following way:

"Waaaaaaayne County! p'ting!" (sound of spit hitting spittoon)

So I started doing it too.


To my old homies from Syracuse: In Rochester, there is a big prejudice against 315'ers. Not Syracuse 315'ers, but Rochester 315'ers (Wayne country, to be more specific). For the longest time, I thought Rochester people were snapping on Syracuse. Just so you all know, they're not.

Re: Kirsten, hold the phone - you lived in Bingo, the 315, the West side, AND East Roch (a little Greece in the East)??? I thought you were classy, but you're nasty. (Not really - love ya like a sister.)


Re: V

actually it was 'nanna'... and i am kind of upset at myself for mistyping her name like that.

nope, no nanny. unless you count mtv and my dog ozzie. FYI, I was both a 315'er AND a westsider as a child (someday i shall tell my story).


I absolutely remember "the stupids."

If you think it was bad in Rochester, I highly recommend spending 2 hours in line at a Florida Precinct, post-spinning class, might I add.

Pure entertainment, particularly the 2 Hooter's waitresses behind me who had NO idea what was going on. I have spent the day being extremely cautious about overuse of the word "like."


RE: Kirsten

Is nanny a nick-name for your grandmother, or did you actually have a nanny?


ha! i rememeber "the stupids!"
they ate peas with a knife, and i remember telling my nanny that when i was little and she got all angry and said "that is how the swedes eat peas!"