2004-05-18 17:00:11

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Okay, so we either just made a horrible mistake or one of the smartest decisions of our lives. I know you've all heard at least bits and pieces about this house stuff - probably more than you've wanted to hear. But let's do a short refresh. For the last 45 days, we've been pining over this house in Brighton, and hoping that the sellers (the Shaffers) would find a house, since our offer was contingent on them finding suitable housing. Our offer (our second, extended offer) just expired on Saturday, and we were told a couple weeks prior, straight out by their realtor, that she didn't think they were interested in selling anymore. Pat and I were pretty bummed for a while, but when Saturday came, I was actually relieved, and even excited as we looked at houses online in Rochester and East Irondequoit that cost a lot less money. Pat and I even drove around last night for almost two hours scoping out our potential new neighborhood.

As we were about to fall asleep last night, I said to Pat, "What if those people find a house tomorrow and extend an offer to us? I know I would want to tell them to go eff themselves." I think you all know where this story is going. So, as I was finishing up at work today, I get a phone call from our realtor. She said, "Fran, I've got some very interesting news for you..." In a nutshell, those b@st@rds found a house today and, since we have first right of refusal, they wanted us to sign a new offer for them. I chuckled and said I'd talk it over with Pat.

Pat and I are looking at three more houses tomorrow, so we decided that we would like to have a day or two to think about it and get a better idea of what we can get in the new areas we're looking. Also, we really just wanted them to have to sweat for a couple days since they let us sweat for a month and a half. It's the least we could do. Well, as it turns out, they said we needed to make a decision tonight, because they are putting in an offer on another house and needed to know whether to make the offer contingent on the sale of their house. We passed. Now, their offer will be less appealing (because of the continigency) to the sellers and they may not get their house. I am sure they're squirting out pink twinkies right now - excuse the expression. I have no doubt that they will sell their house in a week, but still, I like the idea that they're a little nervous right now.

So, you may be saying to yourself, "What the hell are you two thinking?? That house was great!!" but you're just going to have to trust me on this one. What do you all think?




way to listen to yer guts mista and missus reed.


You showed them who's boss!
It obviously meant that there is something better out there...keep it up.


WOW...I wasn't expecting that outcome, but I have to give you kudos for being tough-ass bitches. I think a little Talking Heads should be thrown in the music mix if you know what I mean...


holy hannah, i'm glad you like me a little...remind me not to piss in your cheerios anytime soon, Franner...seriously, that sucks...but you'll find the right one...and if not, the lot next to us is for sale...you could build one!! LOL....hahahahahahaha....i don't recommend it...blah.


Hell hath no fury like a Fran scorned! I'll bet they'd have a tough time selling the house if "someone" took a dump on their doorstep every night. I can just picture the cops showing up on Pat and Fran's door step after they tie them to the "great poop crime of the century" with data collected from Wegman's Frequent Shopper card software. "Ma'am you're going to need to come with us . . . it's clear that you bought corn from Wegman's on Tues"


Cimicata, I like your suggestion. Can I borrow your C+C Music Factory tape so I can play "Gonna Make You Sweat" while we torch the place?


Your gonna need about 4-5 gallons of kerosene and a zippo. Then you can really show them the Reeds mean business. Also, if you like to see them sweat, a blazing house fire is certainly helpful.


Are you two F*cking NUTS! Have you fallen off your god forsaken rockers! East Irondequoit? Why not just move to the 19th ward and be done with it. I longed for the days when I would come to Rochester and visit Pat And Fran in their new home in Brighton. It would have been like visiting the Huxtables or Jeffersons. But now it will be like visiting the Waltons, or the Ingolls.
Thanks, you two have ruined my dreams of knowing someone who lives in Brighton. Think of someone else besides yourselves once in a while.


Hey kudos to you Pat and Fran. I'm sure the house was all that and more, but i think the people selling were just looking to get more and put you two out. So your right eff them. Rachel,Emily and myself know you two will find suitable housing and will probably pay less for it.


I think you are hard as nails Fran-show those bitches who's boss


squirting pink twinkies.

If i was drinking a coke, you'd owe me a new monitor right now :)