2004-04-26 20:09:41

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Saturday evening, Fran and I had our First Annual Trailer Trash Ripper and it was a top-notch time. There was trashy beer, trashy food, and most importantly, some of the trashiest people this side of the Mason-Dixon. This party was based on a trailer trash theme party that Franklin B and I hosted in the RIT days.

Pat and Fran's Trailer Trash Ripper

Saturday afternoon, Fran and I threw all the finishing touches on the party preparation. We made some metal up-your-ass mix albums, some trashy t-shirts, and did some last-minute shopping. We spent our entire government aid check on 30 packs of Genny and Miller High Life; we moved all our food into the crisper and filled the rest of the fridge with beverages. I put my stock boy skills to use and faced everything off really nicely. Notice the bow in the shelves. That’s one unclassy fridge.

Pat and Fran's Trailer Trash Ripper - Unclassy Beer Fridge

Every one of our guests dressed up, which is lucky for them because Fran and I had a couple of extra-skanky t-shirts for anyone who was out of uniform. People got very creative with their costumes. There were Billy Bob teeth, wife beaters, moo-moos, short shorts, tattoos, and even a couple of black eyes. Fran and I gave out the following prizes:

All and all, it was a killer ripper. I think it is safe to say that everyone had a great time. If you missed this one, fret not. We will have another theme party in the not-so-distant future.

We took a ton of pictures. My old lady and I were snapping off pics with two cameras, a whole lot of fury, and some rage. Cima also took a lot of pictures too, so you can check them out on his site.


Trailer Trash Ripper Camera 1

Trailer Trash Ripper Camera 2

Cima's Pictures


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What's all thiss talk abbut a "trailer trash partie?" And "drussing up?" Dress up is for sissy's who parade around in their sisters drawers. Real men beat their wifes, chaw tebacco, shower ounce a week and watch NASCAR every sunday, 1 until 5!
I relly don't know what a "ripper" is, but I'm just glad i won a prise.


Re: andy

Yeah, we didn't even tell Veno it was a trailer trash party and he still won the trashiest male award.


I wasn't sure if John Veno dressed up for the party, or just stopped by and fit in.


Damn, I missed one hell of a party. Next time I'll bring the clip on mullet and mesh hat.


Looks like 1 good bash kids. Rachel and I will send our pic from the gathering you and Frankie had at RIT.


Oh. My. God.
I can't believe I missed that one. Damn, you guys are trash-tacular. K-Diddy and I had a similar theme idea back in our 240 Meigs days, but never got it done.
PS - I've kidnapped Ellen. Ransom can be paid in WIC checks and a case of Screamers.


Re: V Murder

Sorry about that. Picture #78 must have some how mysteriously slipped through the cracks. It's down now.


has anyone seen my Hair Net? Also, I'll be signing autographs at greece ridge mall with Tom Seleck and Burt Renyolds this afternoon.


Yo folks. I believe that some pictures are missing in action, so that being the case, picture # 78 from camera #1 can become M.I.A. as well.

Please. I beg of you.


i have yet to decided if winning that award is more of a compliment for my awesome costume skills, or an insult for pulling it off so well? rock!


Pappa don't like..... I'm really upset I'm missing all these rippers. I hope I get to come to one when I get back.


man. what an embarrassment you all are. gettin drunk and takin your clothes off. where's the line, huh???

oh sh!t. that's not _me_ with me shirt off is it...

you'll be hearing from my lawyer.


p.s. kickballers, check my site and sign up!


hey hey pat and fran,

just wanted to throw out a huge "i'm sorry that i had to miss your party!" next time i will strive not to let you down. my best to you both...