2004-02-17 12:47:55

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Fran and I carried on our tradition of dining in on Valentine's Day. In years past, one of us has cooked for the other, but this year we decided to make dinner together. We subscribe to BON APPÉTIT and we also get Wegmans Menu Magazine (which is free with your Shopper Club card if you purchase over $50). We sat down and flipped through a few issues of each until we decided on Pan-Seared Beef Tenderloin & Scallops w/ Roasted Vegetables in Curry Sauce. The only problem was, my old lady and I got a little lazy on Valentine's Day, and by the time we got to Wegmans at 5:00pm, they were sold out of scallops. We checked the Pittsford and East Ave stores and they both were out, so we decided to use shrimp instead. Now, I’m a man of the sea, so I like any and all seafood, and Fran actually prefers shrimp to scallops, so this substitution made perfect sense. To make a long story short, the meal was absolutely wonderful.

Fran and I have been watching My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé over the last few weeks. I just have to say that this show makes me extremely nervous. There are about 16 hours left before the wedding and someone is about to snap. We try to avoid reality TV, because it’s too easy to get sucked into, but FOX just keeps making the shows so damn entertaining. I have noticed that the actor that plays the fiancé in that show is in a Swanson's Hungry Man Dinner commercial.

In other household news, Maynard and Ruby are getting along fairly well. It gets a little better every day. Last night Maynard even started to give Ruby a bath. Next thing you know, Ruby will be cleaning the dingle berries off of Maynard on a daily basis.


Editor's note: Pat was too nice to mention the Valentine's Day dessert - a new dessert I like to call a vanilla soufflé pancake. Yeah, my soufflé sank and I'm not sure why. Instead of the beautiful soufflé I envisioned, we had beer for dessert. Neat, huh?