2004-02-01 18:22:08

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This weekend was certainly worthy of a double post, so here goes. I recommend you scroll down and read Pat's submission first, and then continue with this submission.

Okay, so Friday night, Rebecca, Pat and I met Mike and Holly out at Blue Room to celebrate his match at Johns Hopkins. I have never seen Mike so happy before. Usually he's so even-keeled. He was actually giddy. His giddiness was infectious and we were all just so happy for him. You know the loud group whenever you go out? Well, we were "those people," but with good reason. Guest star appearances were made by Dr. Al, J.D., and Matt F. Three of my favorite guest stars.

Fran Reed and Mike F

Pat Reed, Reebs, and Hollywood

Saturday, as Pat mentioned, we drove a mere six hours for our new kitty. Over the last day and a half, I've been getting to know her and she is a complete sweetheart. As I type, she is sleeping in my lap. I'm reminding myself that there is a chance we won't be able to keep her (depending on how Maynard handles the situation), so I'm making sure not to use the "L" word. She and Maynard will probably get to meet on Tuesday, once we get all her shots and the results from her feline leukemia test. I just hope Mayard doesn't eat her.

Saturday night, we went to Mex to celebrate Ellen's remission. It was a very happy celebration indeed. She looked lovely in her new tiara. I regret to say that we were lazy about the picture taking that night and didn't even get a picture of the woman of honor. Nuts! But we did get a picture of these two tramps.

Fran and Kirsten

After everybody went home, Pat and I faced a cold, treacherous walk home. I made it less than half a block and decided we should get a drink at Old Toad so we could warm up. Dr. Al was working and he bought us each a drink. Old Toad has two big picture windows on one side, right by a RIDICULOUSLY icy side street. We spent at least 20 minutes just watching people continuously trip and fall as all the bars let out. I hate to admit it, but it was the hardest I've laughed in a really long time. Now I feel like I have some serious karma points against us.

Today, I had big plans of picking up the apartment, cooking food, and going to Frank and Joyce's Super Bowl party, but I'm feeling a bit run down from all of the excitement of the weekend. Plus, I wanted some QT with my new kitty, the venomous Ruby.