2004-01-12 19:22:49

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I don't know if you all noticed, but I was on a brief hiatus from blog writing. It wasn't by choice; I was working a lot of hours this past week and didn't feel like doing anything in my spare time.

So, after my extremely hectic week, I was torn between having a crazy, fun weekend, and having a low-key, relaxing weekend. As I'm sure you can guess, I chose the crazy, fun option.

Friday night, Chris C and his lovely lady, Amy, came over for a 40-a-thon. We didn't do too much, but we did have a fish eye picture photoshoot. We always have a great time hanging out with the 'Micata's.

Saturday night, Pat and I put our pajamas on and headed over to Rebecca's. As a series of exclusive parties, we just participated in the "pajama party" installment. Many notable things happened at this party, none which I can repeat. Oh, just kidding. It was just a lot of good clean fun. Pat's alter-ego, Silky Jenkins, even made a special appearance. Don't tell Pat, but I think Silky is super phat and fly.

Sunday, we went over to Frank and Joyce's to play a board game called Battle of the Sexes. It was a lot of fun hanging out with those two, even though I wasn't very good at the game (although Pat was disturbingly good at answering questions about girl suff).


PS - We just posted pictures from Mike and Holly's 2003 Holiday Party. We'll be posting several more picture galleries over the next week, so keep your eyes peeled.

PPS - Pat came up with this new "emoticon." What do you all think? I think it just might catch on.