2003-06-30 21:00:33

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Hi all. As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, my shower and bachelorette party were both this weekend. I took 97 pictures, and it was my plan to have those posted this morning....well, our computer had another idea. Pat and I are still trying to fix it. Right now, it won't even boot up. I am currently writing this from Mike F's computer because I know you guys get antsy when there aren't new blog entries or pictures of big occasions. So, that's the deal for now. We have been looking into upgrading our system, so this was a good sign that it was time. We ordered a new computer, but it won't be at our house until the end of the week. Woe is me. So many things I need to do this week (my week off, of course) that involve a computer. We might surprise you though. If some kind soul will let me use his or her computer for a couple hours, I can get the pictures up. To look at the bright side, at least it builds the anticipation. Err, something like that.

I can say that my weekend was a complete blast. Quite possibly the best weekend of my life, or at least top 4th or 5th. I loved having my best friends all meet. It was wonderful. Please don't fret, the pictures will be up ASAP. Until then, check this out!



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