Oh Crap, We Got a New Website

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We're finally ready to reveal the secret project that we have been working on. It's PatAndFranTieTheKnot.com, our new wedding website. Now, before everyone gets their panties in a bunch saying, "Hey, you can't even find time to update patandfran.com. Where are you going to get time to update this shizzle?", let me explain.

We made this site as a resource for our wedding guests. You can RSVP (if you are invited; otherwise you suck), look up hotel info, get directions, check out the registry, find out more about us, etc. There is even a PatAndFranTieTheKnot Newsletter. Our guests deserve the very best and we aim to give it to them.

The site is not 100% done, but it is pretty darn close. Take a look around when you get a chance. Before we get 17,000 emails saying, "I didn't get a username and password", we are going to start sending out the invites in about a week. For now, keep your spirits high and you pants on.

-Pat and Fran